international debris

Staying with third kind, also just out a new cassette full length from international debris – again another artist for which we can find any info except to say this may – or may not – be the brain child of one R Baker. ‘seltrac’ skirts domains more commonly associated with polypores, there’s definitely a whiff of late 90’s Orbital fuelling the pulsar purrs of the opening cut – the impishly titled ‘oblum apener’ though here refracted through the parallel cold war continuum of Concretism. That said as loved as it is, we suggest that you fast forward at pace to ‘shivelight’ where to a wonderfully lulling twinkle toned lunar carousel a graceful symphonia dreamily waltzes as though the last love note transmission of a dying satellite lost to the cosmic outlands, amid its prettified and dainty crystal kissed chiming crush echoes of fortdax’s ‘like cream inside your spine’ are found fondly caught and rewired by the ethereal touch of Jodie Lowther.

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