Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 17.0….

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 17.0….w/e 29/4/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

This edition features……

Suzanne ciani, feral oranj son, youth hostel, dean McPhee, seabuckthorn, beach fossils, ty segall, super j lounge, stellarscope, Dorothy, spunky onion, thin yoghurts, plus instruments, the dance, belle du soir, carambolage, tape op, jack white, steve albine, glyn johns, [owt kri], snails, astralasia, goon, shitkid, flying colours, david r Edwards, Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas, where’s the beach, klf, nat chippy, the corrupting sea, fawns of love, the bardots, the incredible casuals, bailter space, god is my co pilot, milk, luscious Jackson, swirlies, plant bach ofnus, red red meat, tsunami, th’faith healers, fastbacks, the electric lazarus, psyence, the archies 

Ridiculously pricey and extremely limited in pressing number to boot, the much-admired Finders Keepers kicked out a number of RSD17 releases, one of which being a one sided clear vinyl 7 inch featuring very early and long unheard recording by a young Suzanne Ciani. This creative force had long proven a savvy business mind primed enough to realise the potential reach of electronic composition in terms of a more commercial installation setting / environment by pitching ‘fish music’ for use at a giant middle American shopping malls Aquarium. As the liner notes rightly point out, in some bizarre way paralleling and hitherto creating would be ‘ambient scenes from the consumerist satirical ‘Dawn of the Dead’. Ciani though has never been known to take the usual journey to discovery / creative route, preferring to swerve middle men and the mere perfunctory nature of the music industry instead opting to push the ability and resource of sound into the terrains of advertising, film and beyond in the process establishing herself as the foremost authority on all things Buchla. Comprised of hypnotic pulsar loops and watery shimmers, the silvery toned ‘fish music’ provides for a serenely eerie sense of isolation, a magic land of the mysterious and unknown aquatic alien worlds and something that sound wise, very much traces a forward thinking kinship with fellow sound alchemists Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram. The release comes with its original press blurb and cuttings. https://finderskeepersrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fish-music

A most welcome pick up at yesterday’s Record Store Day soiree, there should still be copies of these at Probe records given the folk at Edge Hill University called in with a box load of them, were two flexis showcasing the college’s in house label known as – er – the label. Annoyingly our usually up for it turntable’s stylus has had something of hissy fit with these releases and as much as we’ve tried the blighter has given up the ghost on the blue flexible vinyl ‘tales from the riverbank’ outing, in essence a soundscape where musicians and fans alike share memories of their time in Liverpool. We will endeavour to source better copies for future mention. As to the other flexi, one of those postcard affairs offering three excerpts from the labels small though highly well-heeled release roster, which by way of a little rummaging around on the labels web site we’ve managed to source full sound links for your perusal – well for 2 of the featured releases at least.

First up Feral Love with ‘like the wind’ – these folk were at one time Bird, this the duos debut was released last year receiving quiet acclaim and notable national radio play, softly stirred in a demurring bitter sweet flavouring, this ghost pop swooning longingly arcs and falls between moments of soaring euphoria and crestfallen forlorn, one for those much adoring of the Drone Club. https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/thelabel/feral-love/  

Assuming a readily more different sonic stylising, Oranj Son serve up ‘psycho disco face’ – a windswept and bracing full on in your face tour de force that’s crafted with the same post punked angular adrenalin that once graced platters bearing the name the Seal Cub Clubbing Club though here cut with a cooling and visible club floor swing that recalls D4.

Finally for this three way label teaser, Youth Hostel – alas no sound links on this one, though from the all too brief earful we managed to bag from the flexi card, there’s something very much suited and booted about the razored effervescence peeling from ‘out of my mouth’ to suggest it’s storming mod pop action might rekindle memories of secret affair.


many thanks to Paul over at Sonido Polifonico for sending over finished copies of their latest release. Again immaculately packaged, i must say a thing of beauty and we haven’t even gotten to the music yet, but this one comes in a limited pressing of 99 – our copy is \76 for note takers, housed in a little card board box, you’ll find the hand cut lathe 7 inch, badges, insert, photos, hessian felt lined bag and all manner of added extras, certainly a labour of love. Upon the record itself a split outing pairing together on opposite sides of vinyl – Dean McPhee and Seabuckthorn – which in truth we mentioned way back at https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/dean-mcphee-seabuckthorn/ –  still – worth another little mention not least because it’s such a beautiful release with Mr McPhee cutting a snaking delta toned passage via ‘altar rock’ – whose deftness and lightness of touch not to mention emotional teasing finds itself poised and mellowed with the same sense and exquisite wherewithal in respect to the use of space as to see him sitting somewhere on a sonic spectrum between yellow6 and david a jaycock, by far the best thing we’ve heard of its ilk since that rather sublime outing by Scott Willian Urquhart late last year. Over on the flip you’ll find Seabuckthorn with ‘pine darkened slopes’, again something that ought to appeal first hand to those admiring of the aforementioned Mr Urquhart, a spell craft psych folk dance of sorts steeped in all manner of mistily mesmeric primitive mysticism all lovingly wood cut in a smoky vintage that recalls the late great and much missed Jack Rose. http://paul597x.wixsite.com/sonido-polifonico/dean-mcphee-seabuckthorn  

ridiculously infectious new video happening from the precociously trip wiring riffmanship of Ty Segall, this is ‘break a guitar’ a kind of shy of five minutes rummage through the guilty pleasuring moments of your record collection whereupon the clear influence of the late Marc Bolan runs riotously carefree kaleidoscopically boogying amid a shapeshifting sound palette that cross weaves and terraforms to a retro toning molten mind morphing lysergically fried cocktail of hairy stoned glam slackering progressively psyched white out treatments, absolutely bonged out stuff.

New track from the Beach Fossils, not from their forthcoming ‘somersault’ album for bayonet due in early May, instead this is a cut that they’ve donated to the ‘For Our First 100 Days; One Hundred Songs That Inspire Progress And Benefit A Cause For Change’ compilation, a bandcamp only subscription collection featuring 100 tracks / bands gathered in support of causes under threat from the Trump presidency. ‘silver tongue’ provides for a mellowing listening experience aglow in the soft svelte spray of lazy eyed lulls and the caressful crystalline crush of dream drifting dimples which to these ears sound not unlike something sneaking out from a studio love in happened upon by working for a nuclear free city and seeland. https://ourfirst100days.bandcamp.com/track/silver-tongue  

However those of you itching to hear early door teasers from the bands aforementioned ‘somersault’ set are well advised to prepare yourselves for swooning attacks at the appearance of a new video accompanying the scouting cut ‘St Ivy’ – this babe comes adored in strings, baroque treatments, flashes of Beatle-esque bouquets and oodles of smoulder toning 70’s vibing as to have you thinking you’d taken a wrong turn and found yourselves tuned into a secret soul soothed happening cobbled together by Tokolosh, Goodnight Lenin and the Panda Gang.

Here’s something of a much-forgotten gem from a not so distant past. Seems the folks over Super J Lounge, well Don Brosnan at least, has seen fit to dive deep into their recorded archives and pluck tracks from their debuting full length ‘finally….’ and adorn them with recently shot footage filmed on super 8. The plan being to release these at monthly intervals throughout the year with ‘greetings’ being the forth in the series. Anyhow this footage was filmed in the back garden of his parent’s house – we’ll let Don take up the story……

‘Anyone can watch a sunset but it takes some effort to catch a sunrise. I, myself, have caught quite a few on my way home after being kicked out of wherever I had been consuming pints of the Devil’s Buttermilk. For this footage, I stood in my parent’s back garden like an idiot, with my 8mm camera held high above my head. I stood like this for 15 minutes, my arms aching under the camera weight as my Father appeared next to me. He stared at me for a few seconds, shook his head and muttered “Jaysus” as he turned to walk away.’

As to the track itself, I guess back in the day, somewhere in any considered review the phrase post rock might have popped up once or twice, not least because this slow to burn beauty weaves quietly peeling away somewhere in the middle whereupon it ruptures, splinters and fractures into animation before recoiling back into its shyly carefree shell. In truth a lolloping porch pretty that has the ability still, even after 17 years since it wooed the most in tune turntables, to catch you off guard and on the back foot teetering as its softly murmured dust trailed spell takes hold, its compositional reach not a million miles from Low, though scratch away at its surface and there’s more than a revealing of the Beta Band in cahoots with the Palace Brothers, the latter albeit on happy pills doing strange things rewiring as were the slo-mo bliss burn of Spacemen 3 and relocating it to some lazy eyed shaded corner of a prairie.


Heading out of the patetico imprint at the fall of May, a new full length from Stellarscope comes looming entitled ‘standing in the shadow of your ghost’ from off which ‘only strangers now’ has been sent ahead on scouting duties. Revealing a brutishly bruised and darkened persona, this edgily wired sore thumb comes wallowed and weighted in a shadowy shade adorned gauzing that’s grizzled with a pathological glare that fixes you frozen in its dead eyed glowering hypno-grooving whilst all the time freewheeling into the hollowing psychotropic oblivion of a clearly unhinged variant of Toy as though remodelled by the Hookworms. Full album review to come. https://pateticorecordings.bandcamp.com/album/standing-in-the-shadow-of-your-ghost

Interlude…..strangeness a go-go with added post punk c-81 grooviness…..

48 chairs……


Spunky onions….

Thin yoghurts….

Plus instruments….

The dance….

Belle du soir….


The much celebrated, raved about and admired Tape Op publication continue their rummage through the archives, making available three more forgotten interviews – all available to download, play and laugh along to there’s a quite playful Steve Albini one from a few years back along with ear candy selections featuring Jack White and the legendary Glyn Johns……




debuting outing for the fledgling Kent based imprint Sombre Soniks –  i’m guessing a clue as to where on the sonic spectrum we are heading is aptly hinted by the labels name – comes from the much admired around these here parts [owt kri]. Entitled ‘Psychological Warfare’ – the release features three eerily coiled sore thumbs, the opening cut, which initially caught our lobes, very much channels the bleakly spectral isolationist tonalities cultured of late by the Aetheric imprint for ‘if darkness was our friend’ arrives despaired and distanced in macabre micro lit mosaics formed of minimalist murmurs forged upon a shadowy séance like vibing unto which portals to strange worlds beyond are breached. ‘anticipating the future’ cuts a different sonic stance, as though caught in the vapour trail euphoric ascendance of the opening passage to Floyd’s ‘shine on you crazy diamond’, there’s poise and majesty afoot here as the droning swathes hiss and hum as though the purring sound of a hulking cosmic craft at rest, deeper down and the mesmeric influence takes hold emitting what can only be best described as a sense of a celestial visitation passing. ‘everywhere I see decay’ rounds matters to the end groove, a harrowing cinematic calling turned at once between something hymnally haloed and yet, similarly haunted and hopeless, an immense ghost light you suspect just lurking in the shadows awaiting some macabre and supernatural film to spook. The effect is tense, somewhat trippy with the pulsating silvery shimmer tones maddeningly gathered in hypnotic formations as though a ne’er do well dream machine burrowing deep to awaken long dormant primitive occurrences. Something we hasten to add, best explored in the cold light of day and filed next to your prized boring machines and revenant sea platters. https://sombresoniks.bandcamp.com/album/psychological-warfare    

I’m a mite disappointed to say that the welcoming mat in our gaff wasn’t disturbed by the dropping of a 7-inch platter from Snails, sadly so limited in nature they flew the coup before we’d scarcely had time to send a well scripted begging letter. Alas we are at this moment consoling a rather distressed turntable whilst mournfully looking at the gap in the record collection we’d lovingly made up in readiness for its safe arrival. Enough of the upset, a new thing from Snails, loveliness aplenty wrapped up in a four track EP. Snails you may recall ventured out with a killer 7 inch some two years ago via the sadly at rest Great Pop Supplement, an album of limited pressing followed on Feral Child earlier this year, they all went in a blink. Bristol based, these shy eyed souls occupy and hark back to a sonic world of fragile simplicity, tailoring pop morsels intimately coded in wide eyed innocence. The sounds whilst not hitting you between the eyes with all the gusto of a wakening slap rather more nestle to quietly demur and draw you close with their prettified perfection, their hushed effervescence an echo to the hopes and diarised reflections hatched from indie bedrooms and pressed upon grooves of platters by the likes of such esteemed label souls as Sarah, Bus Stop and Summershine. Irrefutably twinkled in a folk framing, Snails bring to their musical picnic distant elements of a 60’s rush and the vague waft of kaleidoscopia, the former best served here by the brashly mod beat grooved strut of the parting ‘my fault’ seasoned aplenty in a cut you to the quick shimmering that had us fondly back in the slick psych gouged underworld of the Elephant 6 collective. Elsewhere there’s the soft psyche whimsy of the adorably crooked ‘dead star’ waltzing woozily sprayed in a wonky sunny radiance while ‘i’ll stay close’ weaves to a friskily mellowing carefree sunniness much recalling the tingling lo-fi charm of platters heading out at intermittent frequency from the matinee recordings sound house. That said, best by far here, the opening ‘starting with mine’ comes sumptuously grace fallen in the bitter sweet drizzle of the much missed Le Mans soured as it is and supported by the breeze swept forgotten arrangements of L’Augmentation whilst simultaneously subtly linking hands with the much-adored Lake Ruth. Quite classy if you ask me.  https://snails.bandcamp.com/album/our-third-7-starting-with-mine-ep      

Can’t rightly recall whether or not we included or mentioned this in our album appraisal, but here’s a video teaser featuring excerpts culled from the newly released and dare we say spiffing Astralasia set ‘oceania’ for the esteemed fruits de mer / regal crabmophone sound corps…..in fact mentioned here…..essential i’d say….. https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/astralasia-4/  

You might recall us mentioning these folk way back last September, if you didn’t well take a spell to catch up here  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/goon/ – this is Goon with the ‘dusk of punk’ ep – originally out last year on a super limited cassette which despite overtures and begging letters, we alas never managed to secure a copy of. Anyway it seems it’s up for a re-release wherein grooved upon 7 inches of milky clear wax via pairings box – there’s an even scarcer subscription only variant on gold splatter – the blighters have managed to shoehorn in a cover of REM’s ‘let me in’ and rather spiffing it is to. Written by Stipe as a tribute to Kurt Cobain, it originally appeared on the bands ‘monster’ full length and finds itself mellowed and drizzled in a wonderfully affectionate softly drifting phrasing in the hands of Goon, something much traced with the spirit of the Nirvana main man sitting on its shoulder and graced with an alluringly warmly toned smoky hymnal hush. https://soundcloud.com/goonisaband/let-me-in   

Oh how we love the way this just snakes about scuzzily weaving a discordant and detuned garage gouged glam grizzled head in the clouds f- you cool. Latest from the Swedish finishing academy of essential ear candy comes courtesy of ShitKid – better known to kith n’ kin as Asa Söderqvist, who through the pnkslm imprint is shortly to release her debuting full length ‘fish’. From that set, this be ‘alright’ a spiky slab of stripped back lo-fi crookedness whose extended sonic family tree can trace its ancestral roots to include everything from the Shaggs to the Lovely Eggs with the Raincoats somewhere in the middle linking arms, in short – quite frankly adorably addictive disconnected dysfunctional pop. https://soundcloud.com/pnkslm/shitkid-alright  

European Live Dates

15th May – Le Pont Ephemere, Paris

16th May – Cirque Royale, Brussels

17th May – Bush Hall, London

18th May – Brightelm at The Great Escape, Brighton

19th May – Komedia at The Great Escape, Brighton

21st May – Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate

24th June to 1st July – Roskilde Festival

Latest off the Club ac30 dream pop conveyor belt, hitting it should be said a bit of a purple patch at the moment with killer recents from Adam Franklin and Is Bliss, this is Flyying Colours who i’m certain we’ve mentioned once or twice on previous occasions. Third track lifted from their critically acclaimed ‘mindfullness’ full length, this is the shyly coiled ‘1987’ – a heart racing poppet demurred in chiming corteges all sugar kissed in bitter sweet ripples that bristle affectionately to unpick your defences and shower your listening spaces in rushes of euphoric radiance.


Catch the band live at the following venues:


Wed 17th                LONDON – The Islington (w/Is Bliss)

Thur 18th                LEICESTER – The Cookie (w/Is Bliss)

Sat 20th                  BRIGHTON – Acid Box (The Great Escape – w/Is Bliss)

Sun 21st                 MANCHESTER – Aatma

Wed 24th                HAMBURG – Indra Club 64

Thur 25th                BERLINE – Privatclub

Sat 27th                  AMSTERDAM – London Calling

Next up, a handful of releases from the recordiau prin stable, first up a spoken word set from Dave Datbyglu. With music provided by Ash Cook aka Pulco, ‘Dave Datblygu’s Search In English For The House Of Tolerance’ features a collection of random thoughts, recollections and passing memories. Oft disconnected, sometimes pointed, subtly humorous and craftily hum drum, Mr Edwards’ self-depreciation squirms awkwardly atop Mr Cook’s crookedly remote sound palette, as the liner notes rightly point out, hints of Burroughs ghost throughout for here there is edginess, disquiet, frustration and a sense of, not so much of observing life from close distance, but rather more being an alien in a world unrecognised looking for a kitchen sink to host its own drama. Ultimately it’s heavy and weighted in regret with it’s gritty souring literally pouring from its grooves. https://recordiauprin.bandcamp.com/album/dave-datblygus-search-in-english-for-the-house-of-tolerance-david-r-edwards  

From many years ago, for those previously unfamiliar here’s the mighty Datbygu…..

Staying with recordiau prin, fairly certain we haven’t as yet mentioned this ‘un, from Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas. This is ‘L’Âtre et l’enfant’ which arrives in various variants that include a super limited CD issue and an ever more-scarcer 10-inch wax pressing. The extra curricula work of Mudbath’s Florian Mallett, “L’âtre et l’enfant” quietly ghosts with the snaking sublime of Grails’ ‘doomsdayer’s holiday’ as though rewired and refracted under the influence of Jack Rose / John Fahey, at least that’s the case on the opening ‘Les Isolés’ where amid the shadowy psych flashings hints of a youthfully mercurial Porcupine Tree shimmying up to Archer Prewitt flicker and dissolve amid the grooving. Somewhere else there’s the tranquil and airily rustic scuffing of ‘La Bienveillance du Lieu’ unfurling itself from a sparse positioning to gently blossom into something both cinematically groomed and magisterial a la Roy Montgomery all the time drawn and trimmed in a softly turbulent framing. A youthful Yellow6 is called to mind during the wash of the silvery tones coursing throughout ‘Nuit Brune’ as it sparks and spars to a hollowing storm chasing eeriness while what may first pass for Billy Mahonie / Meets Guitar in its opening greetings, ‘Le Val Impénétrable’ soon resets itself to emerge delightfully tumbling, tripping and tracking a woozily dream draped psych tweaked pastoral path. https://recordiauprin.bandcamp.com/album/edinburgh-of-the-seven-seas-l-tre-et-lenfant  

Forgotten nuggets – two from Where’s the beach – first up featuring John Cooper Clarke

…..and two from their sonic soul mates….

Must admit, we here are much looking forward to the incoming full length from the corrupting sea, ‘sumatta’ we believe it’s tentatively called from off which another sneak preview has been leaked into listening world. This be ‘drowning in space’ – an opining leviathan which as with previous visitations to these pages comes schooled in the vibes of a late 80’s Dunedin sound scene, on this occasion dimpled in pulsars and poised in the soft burn of sonic discordance and feature that once gathered together very much tunes into the feedback frequencies of an at the peak of their powers Flying Saucer Attack as though shimmied to the serene slo mo symphonia of laBradford. https://soundcloud.com/the-corrupting-sea/drowning-in-space 

Before you all start asking, and you will, no we have absolutely diddly info on these folk, safe to say the Cocteau-ian flutters and dream draped corteges adore this with a sense of the ethereal, the divine and the unreal, a heavenly visitation if you must but all the same quite gorgeous, anyhow before we swoon ourselves into oblivion this is Nat Chippy with ‘sea’. https://soundcloud.com/nchip/sea

More unearthed shoe gaze euphoria, this one from Fawns of Love who according to the liner notes attached on this sublime sound cloud excerpt have just released their debuting full length platter entitled ‘who cares about tomorrow’ from off which the adorably amorphous ‘please’ has been sneaked from and sent ahead on scouting detail. A beautifully vapour trailing lovelorn kiss haloed in elegiac raptures and the softly surrendering sigh of sugar rushing symphonia which by our reckoning is all at once beguiled and bruised. https://soundcloud.com/dkfm/fawns-of-love-please  


Prompted through listening to two old Peelie broadcasts from ’91 and ’93 thereabouts recorded onto two Thats cassettes – one – on the classic blue Type I and the other on a legendary EM-X Tape II…..

The bardots….

God is my co-pilot….

The incredible casuals…..

Bailter space…..


Luscious Jackson….

Red red meat…..


Plant bach ofnus…

Th’faith healers……



Kissed with a haze haloed smoking bliss toning, this is the new happening thing from the Electric Lazarus edging out of the blak hand imprint any day now. Limited to just 30 hand numbered jade green cassettes and no doubt impishly titled as a play on the Monkees’ ‘pleasant valley Sunday’, beneath the glare of a glowering dark star ‘death valley Sunday’ awakens from a 60’s coma swirled and grooved in a west coast voodoo, its dust flecked shade adorning clipped acutely to a strutting buzz where the unmistakable echo of a ‘darklands’ era Jesus and Mary Chain reverberates to the dead heading desert call of the Black Angels. In short, an uber cool psych pill. 

Staying with blak hand records a little longer, mentioned this a fair few times – latest from psyence an EP as it happens entitled ‘a new dawn’ from which we’ve already featured ‘falling in love once again’ – see https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/psyence/ and ‘cold blood killer’ – see https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/01/psyence-2/ – seems only fitting then that we nab the remaining two tracks for a well-deserved mention. First up then ‘the bad seed’ – a nifty slice of garage gouged kaleidoscopia mining terrains more familiar to a youthful Charlatans whilst along the way craftily nicking the riff from Tubeway Army’s ‘replicas’ while parting title cut ‘a new dawn’ finds the collective in full on nocturnal soul mood spraying seduction and sophistication like its fast going out of fashion and as with the adored ‘falling in love once again’ freefalling smokily into Goodnight Lenin terrains . Strictly limited 40 only cassette. https://blakhandrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-new-dawn


Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


The end groove……

The Archies…….

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