the sonic shamen

Talking of the Earthling Society, okay oh so loosely, this is the Sonic Shamen amid whose ranks there features at least one Earthling that being Fred Laird along with variously plucked talents from the likes of OSC, Red Elektra and Litmus. Anyhow a note from the aforementioned Mr Laird giving us a heads up as to a new project – the Sonic Shamen – a host of musical minds who’ve gathered to pay respect to the dearly parted Lemmy Kilminster whose death was sadly overshadowed by the loss of David Bowie a matter of a week or so later. A mammoth set ‘a tribute to Lemmy’ is shortly to descend, a double disc extravaganza pressed upon heavy weighted coloured wax via space rock productions. The collection, featuring five tracks in total promises to be a mind re-arranging interpretation of English psychedelia taking its influence principally from Floyd, Hawkwind and the usual roll call of players. For now, sent out on reconnaissance you’ll find ‘7 and 7 is not’ embarking on something of a bonged out kaleidoscopic odyssey, an 18-minute head trip very much flavoured in the kosmiche calibrating of those bearded folk Sendelica. Literally awash in those essential chill flavoured Earthling Society tropes you’ve come to love, adore and lose your mind in, those of you looking for reference markers would do well to dig out your copy of that ‘collisions’ set from a few years upon whose grooves was paired the freaked-out happenings of the Heads and White Hills for this is similarly out there and gone, a mammoth mushrooming mosaic kissed in deeply woozy dissipates and head dissolving bliss burns, turn on, tune in and lose yourself in the opiated oblivion of its third eye tweaking tapestry.

while your here do check out the collectives ‘jam with Dave #1’ – a four track – as it says on the tin – jamming session, the Dave in question being Dave Anderson of Groundhogs, Amon Duul II and Hawkwind fame hitting something of astral planning swing for the humungous trip pill that is ‘part 1’ – a hulking slab of hypno grooved kosmiche kool drawing the sonic palette into mystical terrains that imagine a hitherto previously unknown convergence point where the sonic magic lands of the mighty Ozrics intersect with molten shape shifting worlds of Embryo.    

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