banco de gaia

alas no sound links on this one just yet, so you might just have to trust us when we say it’s a good ‘un. Fourth and final track to be peeled from the, as yet, unheard ‘the 9th of nine hearts’ set through disco gecko by the legendary Banco de Gaia. What happened did I blink. I’m suspecting these updates are lurking in our email spam folder, oddly enough it’s where I found this press posting. Anyhow ‘the princess and the sky goat’ be its name, a mind mushrooming slab of astral gliding dub dipped trippiness which ought to find turntable kinship with that recently released hulking head expanding outing for fruits de mer by Astralasia, this hypnotic honey arriving seductively shimmered in all manner of eastern mysticism all sultrily flashed through with nods aplenty to Ariel Kalma along with a side serving of dream machine pulsars and some bonged out third eye tweaking transcendentalism for good measure, in truth it sounds as though its sailing aboard kosmick boat destination set for Monsterism island. Absolutely smoking stuff.

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