couleur dessin

Stumbling into life, this is Montreal based duo Couleur Dessin who’ve a self-titled album arriving shortly through the fixture imprint in early June. Okay let’s be honest here, blessed with an accompanying press release that describes them thus ‘the pair combine live-to-tape improv, musique concrète, bilingual cut-up wordplay, and a gear-loose pop sensibility to create catchy, eclectic psych pop’ – were we honestly going to pass up on this. No sir we weren’t, for ‘find me easy’ leaves you feeling somewhat delightfully squiffy, sounding as it does like some hot washed and smudged dayglo dyed lo-fi bubble gumming pop sortie clearly dented and dinked not to mention kookified by the influence of the more surreally psych toned players of the much-missed Elephant 6 Collective. Add to the mix that its peculiarly perfect and depending on your mood and surroundings, liable to have you imagining a parallel existing Stereolab influenced not by kraut kooled lounge kosmiche but an unhealthy obsession with the Flying Lizards, Gerry and the Holograms and ….the native hipsters.

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