lina paul

Isn’t this quite the most mysterious and beautiful thing you’ve heard in an age, the way it falls in and out of consciousness, the delicately crunched atmospherics and the dream like gauzing attaching throughout, we haven’t even gotten to the ethereal and elegant mentions yet. This is, from what we can gather Lina Paul, you’ll have to excuse the uncertainty for the information is a little scrambled. Anyhow this heads out via Thorsten Soltau, reimagined we believe from unfinished works by Marina Stewart. Entitled ‘No Blue Birds Passing By’ this fleeting sweetheart comes adored in a sepia shelling, almost ghost like, it’s both spectral and seductive as it glides airlessly one minute serenaded in bird chorus, the next amorphously shape shifting to get distressed and darker in tone almost as though a visitation.

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