rhys bloodjoy

I’m sure we’ve a download for this somewhere about our inbox, if not, then rest assured well cobbled missives of complaint will be duly fired off. I’m assuming the latest to head out of the ever-excellent Eggs in Aspic cassette imprint who we must admit we owe a fair amount of apologies to for not featuring more, the sounds are so good that we haplessly forget is our pathetically scant offering for an excuse. Anyhow enough of the wittering, this is Rhys Bloodjoy, a one man sonic cosmic surfer who aside sharing bills with Jesus and Mary Chain and Brian Jonestown Massacre has piqued the interest of a certain Sonic Boom who applied production duties on his debuting 7 inch for Sister 9. Now after several well-heeled limited releases his debuting outing for the esteemed eggs in aspic, from this limited 50 only cassette entitled ‘love is a fucked-up goddess (part 1)’ this is ‘Aphrodite’s mirror’. Like some scab picking sermon from a dust cloaked preacher man, a maddening primitive mantra emerges through the hazed smoking fog, tensely coiled and glowering with a dead eyed wiring, its brooding disquiet is prowled upon a shadowy tapestry that’s all at once darkly set and kaleidoscopically mesmeric not to mention echoing and fracturing to the hypnotic gouging of a youthful Black Angels.  

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