magic bus

We here are a-currently being weirded out and wooed woozily by the latest full length from those freaky folk, the Magic Bus. ‘Phillip the Egg’ just out via their own back to the garden imprint, is currently being prepped for words of fondness, however just for now and in between bouts of swooning fits brought on by its head expanding hallucinogenia and it’s want for quite frankly bonged out waywardness, here’s the opening trip. ‘mystical mountain’ a beard forming happening cut with such classic turn of vintage that I swear these people are either lost echoes of some early 70’s hippy commune who’ve fallen down some surreal dimension hopping rabbit hole or else have wired up their name sake Ken Kesey cosmic coach with wormhole activating awareness, whatever the case this split persona odyssey one minute idyllically trips nonchalantly dispersing pastoral posies and head in the clouds west coast radiance to recall Circulus, the next going all progressively overcast in a stoner like supersister meets soft machine imagining.

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