nick nicely

Sounds like a lost love note from a forgotten age, a misfiring transmission spirited away in the ether and preserved in aural amber whilst trimmed in a frail and bitter sweet sepia frosting. It be the aptly titled ‘ghost dream’ by Nick Nicely accompanied on this occasion by the mysterious Mr Boars. An album from which it is taken titled ‘sleep safari’ waits in the shadows, its release marked for visitation upon turntables later this month through tapete. A wonderfully remote lunar carousel purred in softly hypno-grooving electronic pulsars and ghostly vocoder effected disembodied voices, in short, a beautifully shy eyed euphoric whisper distressed and sighed in a spraying of cosmic campfire hymnal hues. Over on the flip, ‘the otherside 2’ cuts across so many sonic borders its liable to leave you dizzy, reference wise dovetailing into terrains rarely heard here since those initial trio of Peter Gabriel solo sets at the end of the 70’s, a creative playfulness is apparent that moulds shadow lit sophistication with a terra-forming wide screen symphonic spectrum to a mercurial classicist setting. Alas no sound links, safe to say we are working on it.  

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