DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess

Okay where are we with freeform vinyl scrambling mix-a-delic mosaics because DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess has something in her locker that’s going to seriously fry both your turntable and headspace. Wicked erratic with its setting on wow, heading out of the Jahmoni / Schamoni Musik sound house soon-ish is the heaving trip-a-delic workout ‘too’. Plastered across the grooves of 12 inches of wax, this mammoth 4 track head clash finds this turntablist pioneer at the height of her wax spinning powers creating on lead out cut, ‘too long’, a mutating twelve-minute sound palette that skips, swerves and hiccups with such impish activity as to create a high wiring cornucopia that aside turning your listening wherewithal to mush, appears sealed in its own hermetically sealed environmental biosphere, for here a sonic ecosystem morphs amid a busying collage of deranged dub dialects, primal feline calls (which i’ll just quickly say here had Dylan the house cat momentarily ceasing his persistent preening schedule to raise an inquisitive eyebrow), skewiff earth beat rhythms, frantic floor flattening beats and a deeply effecting prowling bass line, in short, one of those tracks that’s guaranteed to have the whole room shut up in silence and just staring back at the hi-fi in swooning WTF was that fondness. No sound links just yet, rest assured they’ll appear as soon as.

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