the radiophonic workshop

With ‘burials in several earths’ looming darkly on a near horizon readying itself for release mid-May on their own Room 13 imprint, the first fruits of the recently reconvened Radiophonic Workshop are afoot with the appearance on listening radars of ‘not come to light’. Evoking long lain dormant echoes of both Malcolm Clarke and Paddy Kingsland, Radiophonic Workshop pick up the baton from the exact point where they left it 32 years ago, as though awoken from some cryogenic deep freeze, there’s still a sense of creative playfulness attaching here as it pilots the shadowy terrains of a dystopian VHS future world. Merging dark and light tonalities, a hauntingly eerie beauty reveals itself, not a million miles from the motorik palettes found on John Carpenter’s recent brace of ‘lost themes’ sets as the converging of kosmick sirens, sunspot activity and twinkle toned pulsars pulsate and purr to forge a brooding yet entrancingly panoramic neo-classical harmony of the heavens.

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