thomas leer / the residents

If your quick before they send back their returns, you might be able to get hold off a copy of #2 of ‘Long Live Vinyl’ – a new occasional journal for vinyl enthusiasts which stickered to the cover of this particular issue features a yellow double sided square flexi. Indeed, yes you heard right, a flexi disc. Much loved one time in, predominantly the 70’s, as a means for advertising, sampler promotion use and all manner of other things such as band messages etc… became the chosen freebie means of the musical weeklies – remember them – Melody Maker, Sounds, Record Mirror and of course the New Musical Express – the latter of whose critical heyday was the long distant days of ’76 to ’81. There was of course Flexipop, Masterbag and, in the late 80’s, the Catalogue who all kept the light flickering on this much missed and sadly out of favour format. Anyhow enough of reminiscing, back to Long Live Vinyl, #3 just out incidentally alas no freebies in this one, the cover mounted flexi adorning #2 features a ‘pioneers of electronica’ soiree that gathers on opposing sides of vinyl tracks from Thomas Leer and the Residents, the former serviced by ‘tight as a drum’ – a track pulled from his ‘4 movements’ full length from 1981 – a creative mind so far ahead of the curve that there’s still folk around today struggling to keep up, whilst the latter features ‘train vs. elephant’ a cut culled from the Residents recent long player platter ‘the ghost of hope’ – details about the tracks via the dangerous minds link……

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