Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 18.0….w/e 06/05/2017

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 18.0….w/e 06/05/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

This edition features……

The cavemen, control freaks, cary grace, sonic shamen, dave anderson, eiks, nikmis, Couleur Dessin, international debris, rancho relaxo, rhy bloodjoy, her name is calla, patrick r park, the heartwood institute, btreakfast muff, the death of pop, lina paul, luna moon, banco de gaia, tara clerkin, fantasmes, the pinholes, lynn castle, wyrd kalendar, mata hari, megan sue hicks, the coathangers, kraftwerk, nick nicely, the magic bus, radiohead, wyldest, placebo effect, inside treatment, shift, front 242, 1919, non aggression pact, martin newell’s oddcast, thomas leer, the residents, the radiophonic workshop, dj marcelle / another nice mess, Silje Leirvik, the blue tapes house band, the primitives, aquarian blood, nice legs, misty coast, rosebug, the dahmers, consuumer, the sticky fingers, lunch ladies, horsebeach, lee southall, folk horror, bowie, tess parks and auras, magic castles, peter king, kirsten dunst, long live vinyl rarest records, folk horror sound list, tara jane o’neill, shadows in the void, maximum rock n’ roll, motteys garage,  stocking stuffer, roger hill, laurel and hardy

Opening this particular with something desirably dirty and scuzzy, these are feral upstarts the Cavemen who in the briefest of eye blinks manage to shoehorn a frenzied slab of strut burn with the acutely rampantly lurid and lust gouged ‘dog on a chain’. This bad boy is heading out of slovenly records on sizzled seven inch wax, at once frantic, primitive and in need of a cold shower after each play, reference wise think bastard love child of an after hours alley way bunk up between the Cramps and the B-52’s.

Staying with the slovenly imprint, we eyed this little cutie, reading the liner notes Control Freaks appears to be the latest garage assembled punk trash hounds fronted by Greg Lowery. Available variously on red and black wax as well as a limited cassette variant, their debuting full length platter ‘mindless entertainment’ is previewed by the spike topped raucous rock-a-hula that is ‘control freaks’ a no nonsense slab of pogoing two step dayglo’d new waved bubblegroove whose frenetic retro tuning might just well bring about something of a Buzzcock-ian rash among the more paint bombed loving teen spirited tuneage types among you. https://slovenly.bandcamp.com/album/control-freaks-mindless-entertainment-lp  

Incoming from Fruits de Mer regular Cary Grace, a new twinset pairing together ‘without a trace’ and ‘star fire’. A release that opts for something of a lunar theme, the former finds her moored upon a softly luxuriant framing that easily calls to mind a mellowed Crystal Jacqueline, a spectral love note tremored and trembled in a forlorn bruising, its ache caressed in a vintage psyche folk vintage unto which a dreamily demurring palette of sound converges made up of milky murmurs, shyly stirring string corteges and hushed harmonies to blossom sympathetically from the sidings all the time whispered in an emotionally reflective sigh. That said best moment is to be found over on the flip for ‘star fire’ finds Ms Grace lost in the moment, a beautified cosmic flutterby fluent and freewheeling a currency of magic and mystery not to mention kissed with such a finitely exquisite touch of song craft you’d be forgiven for thinking this was some lost sonic satellite by Fleetwood Mac under the influence of Renaissance. http://music.carygrace.com/album/without-a-trace-single    

Cary will be playing at the forthcoming Fruits de Mer / Sendelica summer gathering this August as part of the progressive psychedelic spectacle that is the ‘the Fifteenth Dream of Dr Sardonicus’ where she’ll be sharing billing with the likes of headliners Bevis Frond, Anton Barbeau, Fuchsia, the Telephones, Sendelica, the Earthling Society and more….

Talking of the Earthling Society, okay oh so loosely, this is the Sonic Shamen amid whose ranks there features at least one Earthling that being Fred Laird along with variously plucked talents from the likes of OSC, Red Elektra and Litmus. Anyhow a note from the aforementioned Mr Laird giving us a heads up as to a new project – the Sonic Shamen – a host of musical minds who’ve gathered to pay respect to the dearly parted Lemmy Kilminster whose death was sadly overshadowed by the loss of David Bowie a matter of a week or so later. A mammoth set ‘a tribute to Lemmy’ is shortly to descend, a double disc extravaganza pressed upon heavy weighted coloured wax via space rock productions. The collection, featuring five tracks in total promises to be a mind re-arranging interpretation of English psychedelia taking its influence principally from Floyd, Hawkwind and the usual roll call of players. For now, sent out on reconnaissance you’ll find ‘7 and 7 is not’ embarking on something of a bonged out kaleidoscopic odyssey, an 18-minute head trip very much flavoured in the kosmiche calibrating of those bearded folk Sendelica. Literally awash in those essential chill flavoured Earthling Society tropes you’ve come to love, adore and lose your mind in, those of you looking for reference markers would do well to dig out your copy of that ‘collisions’ set from a few years upon whose grooves was paired the freaked-out happenings of the Heads and White Hills for this is similarly out there and gone, a mammoth mushrooming mosaic kissed in deeply woozy dissipates and head dissolving bliss burns, turn on, tune in and lose yourself in the opiated oblivion of its third eye tweaking tapestry. https://thesonicshamen.bandcamp.com/album/tribute-to-lemmy  

while your here do check out the collectives ‘jam with Dave #1’ – a four track – as it says on the tin – jamming session, the Dave in question being Dave Anderson of Groundhogs, Amon Duul II and Hawkwind fame hitting something of astral planning swing for the humungous trip pill that is ‘part 1’ – a hulking slab of hypno grooved kosmiche kool drawing the sonic palette into mystical terrains that imagine a hitherto previously unknown convergence point where the sonic magic lands of the mighty Ozrics intersect with molten shape shifting worlds of Embryo. https://thesonicshamen.bandcamp.com/album/jam-with-dave-1     

alas no sound links on this just yet, safe to say it’s something very special. a trailer single ‘away they fly’ has had us captivated and swooned in its ethereal web, it comes lifted from a debut full length looming on the horizon entitled ‘braids’ that’s due for adoring sometime early July. By Eiks, described in passing as a Japanese / English songwriter reared on the beautified craft of Ryuichi Sakamoto and much beguiled by the influence of Nick Drake and Radiohead, ‘away they fly’ is charmed in sprays of honey toned pastorals that weave and flicker throughout all the time opining and genuflecting to evoke a sense of a wood crafted wonderland daydreamed in mysterious enchantment, the vocals like willowy siren calls sigh to an airy folk psalm twinkled in noir toned string swathes, if its references you require then you couldn’t go far wrong than imagining a hazily twilight set picnic around whose feasting layout sat members of the Owl Service, Oddfellows Casino and Beautify Junkyards.   

Been a fair old while since we checked in on Brighton based cassette label third kind, must admit to being a tad taken by their latest offering from Nikmis who beyond his / her name, sadly we have little more information to add. That said ‘Widdendream’ is made of the stuff of silver age electronics, a waltzing symphonia trimmed in cosmic promenades and lunar fantasias whilst steeled on one hand in minimalist electronics mosaics with an eye for the neo classical. Irrefutably influenced by the quirky sonic seasoning of Raymond Scott with the post productive rubbing of a youthful Jean Michel Jarre, there’s something quaintly seaside fairground about ‘north side town’ as it crookedly waltzes to a lazy eyed sunny park bandstand brigade. ‘widdershins’ itself could easily have taken from an early Radiophonic rushes for some prepped up cult 70’s sci-fi TV show while the delightfully snoozing lullaby ‘the other side of the fence’ bears more than a passing nod to an ‘at bracken’ fortdax. Somewhere else there’s the ghost box-ian weezily chirping ‘tremendous house’ though on this oh so brief visit it was ‘Pseudolus’ that had our earlobes adoring, a wonderfully jubilant cortege that simply radiates good cheer whilst piped in sonic signatures that sit somewhere between Kingsland and Carlos. https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/widdendream  

Staying with third kind, also just out a new cassette full length from international debris – again another artist for which we can find any info except to say this may – or may not – be the brain child of one R Baker. ‘seltrac’ skirts domains more commonly associated with polypores, there’s definitely a whiff of late 90’s Orbital fuelling the pulsar purrs of the opening cut – the impishly titled ‘oblum apener’ though here refracted through the parallel cold war continuum of Concretism. That said as loved as it is, we suggest that you fast forward at pace to ‘shivelight’ where to a wonderfully lulling twinkle toned lunar carousel a graceful symphonia dreamily waltzes as though the last love note transmission of a dying satellite lost to the cosmic outlands, amid its prettified and dainty crystal kissed chiming crush echoes of fortdax’s ‘like cream inside your spine’ are found fondly caught and rewired by the ethereal touch of Jodie Lowther.  https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/seltrac  

Stumbling into life, this is Montreal based duo Couleur Dessin who’ve a self-titled album arriving shortly through the fixture imprint in early June. Okay let’s be honest here, blessed with an accompanying press release that describes them thus ‘the pair combine live-to-tape improv, musique concrète, bilingual cut-up wordplay, and a gear-loose pop sensibility to create catchy, eclectic psych pop’ – were we honestly going to pass up on this. No sir we weren’t, for ‘find me easy’ leaves you feeling somewhat delightfully squiffy, sounding as it does like some hot washed and smudged dayglo dyed lo-fi bubble gumming pop sortie clearly dented and dinked not to mention kookified by the influence of the more surreally psych toned players of the much-missed Elephant 6 Collective. Add to the mix that its peculiarly perfect and depending on your mood and surroundings, liable to have you imagining a parallel existing Stereolab influenced not by kraut kooled lounge kosmiche but an unhealthy obsession with the Flying Lizards, Gerry and the Holograms and ….the native hipsters. https://soundcloud.com/fixturerecords/couleur-dessin-find-me-easily  

Shortly to find itself heading out of the Wrong Way sound house, the first in their blacklist 100 series – which basically for the previously unfamiliar like me, is a gathering of select releases cut on a limited edition 100 only 12 inch black wax run. Anyhow as said, or more to point as we never said, first in the series is a five tracker from Norwegian based psych trippers Rancho Relaxo entitled ‘polaroid’ from off which ‘my girl’ has been sent ahead to mess with your heads. A devil of a track that manages to terraform with head fried aplomb one minute locked into an omnipresent hypno hallucinogenically gruff kraut grooving that recalls a wasted and far out Baby Woodrose channelling a Spacemen 3 dark twin, the next strangely loosening up and vibing heavily on a strange sonic concoction made up of mind melding collision of Silver Apples and ? and the Mysterians types being stage invaded by the Happy Mondays, don’t even ask about the kooky ‘funkytown’ trims.


I’m sure we’ve a download for this somewhere about our inbox, if not, then rest assured well cobbled missives of complaint will be duly fired off. I’m assuming the latest to head out of the ever-excellent Eggs in Aspic cassette imprint who we must admit we owe a fair amount of apologies to for not featuring more, the sounds are so good that we haplessly forget is our pathetically scant offering for an excuse. Anyhow enough of the wittering, this is Rhys Bloodjoy, a one man sonic cosmic surfer who aside sharing bills with Jesus and Mary Chain and Brian Jonestown Massacre has piqued the interest of a certain Sonic Boom who applied production duties on his debuting 7 inch for Sister 9. Now after several well-heeled limited releases his debuting outing for the esteemed eggs in aspic, from this limited 50 only cassette entitled ‘love is a fucked-up goddess (part 1)’ this is ‘Aphrodite’s mirror’. Like some scab picking sermon from a dust cloaked preacher man, a maddening primitive mantra emerges through the hazed smoking fog, tensely coiled and glowering with a dead eyed wiring, its brooding disquiet is prowled upon a shadowy tapestry that’s all at once darkly set and kaleidoscopically mesmeric not to mention echoing and fracturing to the hypnotic gouging of a youthful Black Angels. 

We here are still knee deep wading through a frankly mammoth and awesome collection of releases gathered together for us by Mr Tom Morris featuring lost and long deleted outings both solo and with Her Name is Calla all housed in a handmade wooden box. A real thing of beauty that once we get time we will feature at some point in the very near future. For now, Her Name is Calla are currently previewing a track culled from a forthcoming limited live release entitled ‘live at the Bishop Street Church’. Recorded recently at their appearance at the Handmade Festival, this cd-r outing is strictly limited to just 100 hand numbered copies. As said, from that set the frail and fragile ‘burial’ has been sent ahead on pre-release teaser duty, no doubt at home in such an intimate setting, at once measured and graceful yet tortured and tender, it peels away to reveal an aching hymnal hue with the lolloping banjos and swaying string accompaniment offering counselling support from the sidings, its spectral majesty crushed by an emotional frequency set to destroy. Best filed next to your prized Glissando outings. https://hernameiscalla.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-bishop-street-church  

Spied this on a castles in space posting, alas the limited 30 only CD in window tin box replete with circular liner booklets have all gone the way of online auction sites and quick off the mark taste making record collections. This is Patrick R Park, a resident of Denver whose recently released ‘Waves’ appears to pilot the kind of vintage Tangerine-y trajectories once upon a time embarked upon by the mighty Zombi as the parting title track might well attest to, its kosmiche kaliberations an imagining of some lost soundtrack adorning a post-apocalyptic straight to VHS cultish b-movie, both Goblin and Pye Corner Audio admirers will find much here to adore. https://kosmonauten.bandcamp.com/album/waves  

talking of Pye Corner Audio as we were just a second ago, that much sought after split with Faten Kanaan is in its third and final pressing, this time your bog standard black vinyl edition through polytechnic youth – mentioned here as it happens – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/11/pye-corner-audio-faten-kanaan/ – future Polytechnics should shortly see the emergence of full lengths from Vic Mars, Polypores and the listening center – the latter of which is a vinyl repress of ‘example one’ as well as crucial 45’s from detox twins and the very excellent tomorrow syndicate.

Meanwhile back at the Heartwood Institute, a newly peeled mix tape pressed on limited amounts of cassette to boot – just 20 of these folk. Going by the highly original name – ‘mix tape 1’, this gathering features two extended 15-minute ghost lights that weave between both the magical and the macabre and the real / unreal, amid the pastoral pirouettes and the fleeting village figurines a Mayday recital is afoot. A carnival of folk heraldry where amid the spray of childhood haunts and Brit horror visitations a dimpling of village green wooziness dissolves and dissipates to reveal a wonderland of spectral delights, to the party an attendance of sound souls familiar to those well versed in the faraway spell crafted fantasias of say, the palace of swords, Keith Seatman, Belbury Poly and the Assembled Minds, play unheeded captured upon a vintage vibe that perfectly dovetails those essential outings from the much loved A year in the Country imprint.  https://theheartwoodinstitute.bandcamp.com/album/mix-tape-one     

Over us like a rash, this is the wilfully wired and furiously frenetic n’ discordant Breakfast Muff with a track heading out of Amour Foo records by the name ‘baby boomers’ – a howling and scowling slab of uber cooled scuzzed out agit groove so potently sharp its liable to leave blister burns. Threatening incidentally, to kick the crap out of your hi-fidelity sound system arriving as it does on limited quantities of pink wax. https://soundcloud.com/amour-foo/baby-boomers  

Again another unintentionally happened to trip over this occurrence, a damn fine release with the unerring ability to sneak up behind you and catch you on the unawares, this is the death of pop who alas we have absolutely no information about. Safe to say the dizzily out of focus opining lazy eye lilt that adores ‘busy with boys’ is ghosted in a crooked whimsy which in truth shouldn’t by accounts work. But it does and what first sounds on initial hearing to be some daintily weaved slice of impish pop no doubt referenced by an over excitable listening soiree whereupon the chosen turntable playlist features a smattering of a very youthful Space, some White Town and the occasional flashing of the Soft Parade, it soon becomes obvious on further investigation that what we have here is the falling down through a kaleidoscopic rabbit hole whereupon elements of Murmurs of Irma and Giant Paw gather joyously to prime the palette with a peculiar psyche potion. 

Isn’t this quite the most mysterious and beautiful thing you’ve heard in an age, the way it falls in and out of consciousness, the delicately crunched atmospherics and the dream like gauzing attaching throughout, we haven’t even gotten to the ethereal and elegant mentions yet. This is, from what we can gather Lina Paul, you’ll have to excuse the uncertainty for the information is a little scrambled. Anyhow this heads out via Thorsten Soltau, reimagined we believe from unfinished works by Marina Stewart. Entitled ‘No Blue Birds Passing By’ this fleeting sweetheart comes adored in a sepia shelling, almost ghost like, it’s both spectral and seductive as it glides airlessly one minute serenaded in bird chorus, the next amorphously shape shifting to get distressed and darker in tone almost as though a visitation. https://thorstensoltau.bandcamp.com/album/no-blue-birds-passing-by-marina-stewart-flamingo-moon-musterb-nder-replet-1-2     

Another release that wasn’t in the intended listening script for the evening, this is Lola Moon of whom you won’t be too surprised to hear, we’ve absolutely no information on or about. However that said, this caught us on the hop, okay it’s not the usual pop flavouring that we are used to featuring here, but there’s something quietly shy and reflectively bruised smoking away here, it’s cinematic shelling and softly unfurling stirring symphonia hints of a shadowy majesty that nods to the more vulnerable moments in Massive Attack’s considerable catalogue, did we mention it’s also darkly seductive and captivating. Out via supernatural recordings. https://soundcloud.com/supernaturalrecordings/lola-moo-those-beautiful-boys  


alas no sound links on this one just yet, so you might just have to trust us when we say it’s a good ‘un. Fourth and final track to be peeled from the, as yet, unheard ‘the 9th of nine hearts’ set through disco gecko by the legendary Banco de Gaia. What happened did I blink. I’m suspecting these updates are lurking in our email spam folder, oddly enough it’s where I found this press posting. Anyhow ‘the princess and the sky goat’ be its name, a mind mushrooming slab of astral gliding dub dipped trippiness which ought to find turntable kinship with that recently released hulking head expanding outing for fruits de mer by Astralasia, this hypnotic honey arriving seductively shimmered in all manner of eastern mysticism all sultrily flashed through with nods aplenty to Ariel Kalma along with a side serving of dream machine pulsars and some bonged out third eye tweaking transcendentalism for good measure, in truth it sounds as though its sailing aboard kosmick boat destination set for Monsterism island. Absolutely smoking stuff.

Just adore this, still sounds skewiff, dinky and distractively dandy, was as it happens mentioned somewhere here  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/04/05/tara-clerkin/ – this is Tara Clerkin with ‘John’ now boasting moving picture show – album ‘hello’ due any day soon on stolen body / howling owl……


..and here they are doing a spot for the malthouse sessions – quite spiffing if you ask me…..

18-20 May – The Great Escape

9 Jun – Camberley International Festival


ghost toned hazy psych from San Juan anyone? Another track that appears to be under the spell crafted influence of the Black Angels, this is Fantasmes with the laid back and smoking mind mellowing ‘devil’s mistress’ – must admit it starts out sounding initially like ‘rosemary’s baby’ before the onset of a slow coiling locked groove mystic mantra eases through the narcotic fog all delicately traced in bliss kissed mosaics, shimmering arpeggios and a deeply alluring and mesmerising trance-y vibing. https://fantasmes.bandcamp.com/album/devils-mistress  

those preferring their sounds strutted in a purring power pop throb and dipped in a haloing of 50’s feel good toe tapping bubble groove will do well to seek out at your earliest convenience the vintage dansette distracting ‘Bintang Rok N Rollmu’ by Singapore based quartet the Pinholes. A little bit of rummaging around on their band camp page and you’ll unearth their debuting full length ‘bring back the vibe’ – a set originally released in 2014 from off which we highly recommend you check out the lazy eyed easy pop heartbreak of ‘how much is too much’ and the storming twang draped Del Shannon like ‘Triumph le Spectrum’. 


this is heading out of light in the attic shortly, the untold story of Lynn Castle, who crippled by shyness was by day cutting the hair of the day’s most famous and by night celebrated by Nitzsche, Hazlewood.and Spector, this folks is ‘the lady barber’……

May pole frolics aplenty in this spring hued harvest, for amid the honeying tones of the Bee Gees and the radiantly sunny show time parade of Venessa Redgrave, a seasonal calling both timeless and dark comes a calling where ritual, sacrifice and the ways of the old leer from the shadows of an idyllic village quaintness. And then there are the tunes. A radiant spray of sun charmed folk follies unto which a gathering of Steeleye Span, Killing Joke, the Hare and the Moon and the Zeppelin rub shoulders and share good cheer with the likes of the Mediavel Babes, Canterbury Fair, dead can Dance, children of alice and much more. Welcome to the May edition of the Wyrd Kalendar. https://www.mixcloud.com/Wyrd_Kalendar/wyrd-kalendar-may/  

Heading out of the Anthology sound house a superb collection of lost moments from Australian pop – which borrowing from the press release goes something like this……

‘Follow The Sun compiles twenty cuts dug from dusty bins by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and Keith Abrahamsson (Founder / Head of A&R at Anthology Recordings and Mexican Summer) surveying the sought after sound of Australia’s lesser — and greater — known moments of ‘70s rock, folk, and their in-between offspring. Follow The Sun filters the sublime and sometimes subversive psychedelic airwaves transmitted around the world from America’s terrestrial platforms during the golden age of gentle, exploratory FM through a distinctly Australian lens.’

Full tracklisting…….

Follow the Sun – Dave Douglas

    Riverboat – Andy Armstrong

    Easy – Mata Hari

    First Boy I Loved – Marian Henderson

    Spirit Move Within Me – Flock

    Hey, Can You Come out and Play – Megan Sue Hicks

    Kill My World – Autumn  

    Knowing That You’re There – Australia

    Am I Really Here – Moonlight  

    Witnessing – Gary Shearston

    Wild Horse Plains – Tidewater

    Whispering Pines – Shepherd    

    The Orange Tree – Cathie O’Sullivan

    Cement River – Steve Warner

    Good Morning – Paul Adolphus      

    Something Strange – Doug Ashdown

    Country Corn – Trevor McNamara        

    This Must Be The End – Billy Green

    Today’s The First Day Of Your Life – Catmando

    Goodbye – Simon Jones (LP ONLY)

…..two of those tracks go something like…..

Megan sue hicks…..

Mata hari….

Mentioned this a little wee back ago, somewhere here in fact https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/07/the-coathangers/ – still sounds spiffing, by the Coathangers, this is ‘captain’s dead’ from their newly peeled ‘parasite’ EP through suicide squeeze, now with accompanying moving picture show…..

The Coathangers live dates:

May  12 UK Manchester Night & Day

May  13  UK Brighton The Joker

May  15 UK Bristol The Exchange

May  16 UK Oxford The Bullingdon

May  17 UK London Oslo

May  18 UK Hastings The Printworks

May  19 UK Leicester The Cookie

May  20 UK Leeds Gold Sounds @ Brudenell Social

May  21 UK Sheffield The Harley

May  23 UK Ramsgate Music Hall

May 24 BE Gent PSYCH OVER 9000

May 25 NL Eindhoven Stroomhuisje

May 26 NL Rotterdam Girls Go Boom Night @ Roodkapje

May 27 NL Amsterdam Pacific Park

May 28 NL Utrecht dB’s

May 30 DE Hamburg Molotow

May 31 DE Berlin Cassiopeia

Jun 1 DE Munich Orangehouse

Jun 2 DE Cologne MTC

Jun 3 FR Paris Le Batofar

Jun 4 IT Ravenna Beaches Brew Festival

Jun 8 FR Clermont Ferrand Le Barraka

Jun 9 FR Nimes This is not a Love Song

Jun 10 FI Helsinki Sideways Festival

….and to cap matters, here’s them performing the title cut ‘parasite’ live…..wonderfully feral, scuzzy and skittish, just how we like it….

New ‘3-D the Catalogue’ or to give it it’s cooler sounding Germanic title ’3-D der katalog’, a seismic set celebrating Kraftwerk is shortly to be released, an extensive collection of contemporary art museum performances featuring all eight albums, available on a plethora of variants that’ll include your obligatory vinyl and CD along with a must box with luxurious art book….

We here still have a fondness for this, released in ’83 and not, as i recall, in ’84 as it says on the tin lid……

Sounds like a lost love note from a forgotten age, a misfiring transmission spirited away in the ether and preserved in aural amber whilst trimmed in a frail and bitter sweet sepia frosting. It be the aptly titled ‘ghost dream’ by Nick Nicely accompanied on this occasion by the mysterious Mr Boars. An album from which it is taken titled ‘sleep safari’ waits in the shadows, its release marked for visitation upon turntables later this month through tapete. A wonderfully remote lunar carousel purred in softly hypno-grooving electronic pulsars and ghostly vocoder effected disembodied voices, in short, a beautifully shy eyed euphoric whisper distressed and sighed in a spraying of cosmic campfire hymnal hues. Over on the flip, ‘the otherside 2’ cuts across so many sonic borders its liable to leave you dizzy, reference wise dovetailing into terrains rarely heard here since those initial trio of Peter Gabriel solo sets at the end of the 70’s, a creative playfulness is apparent that moulds shadow lit sophistication with a terra-forming wide screen symphonic spectrum to a mercurial classicist setting. Alas no sound links, safe to say we are working on it. 

We here are a-currently being weirded out and wooed woozily by the latest full length from those freaky folk, the Magic Bus. ‘Phillip the Egg’ just out via their own ‘back to the garden’ imprint, is currently being prepped for words of fondness, however just for now and in between bouts of swooning fits brought on by its head expanding hullucinogenia and it’s want for quite frankly bonged out waywardness, here’s the opening trip. ‘mystical mountain’ a beard forming happening cut with such classic turn of vintage that I swear these people are either lost echoes of some early 70’s hippy commune who’ve fallen down some surreal dimension hopping rabbit hole or else have wired up their name sake Ken Kesey cosmic coach with wormhole activating awareness, whatever the case this split persona odyssey one minute idyllically trips nonchalantly dispersing pastoral posies and head in the clouds west coast radiance to recall Circulus, the next going all progressively overcast in a stoner like supersister meets soft machine imagining.

We’ll forgive you on this occasion for blinking and missing our original mention of this way back at  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/03/06/wyldest-2/ but here’s the quite demurring dream flight that is ‘the poet’ from shoegazing sirens Wyldest, now accompanied by a moving picture show. Utterly adorable and very mid 80’s Cocteau-ian sounding, if that is, our ears don’t deceive.

Interlude – dark electro / industrial……placebo effect, inside treatment, shift, non-aggression pact, 1919, front 242…..

Placebo effect – okay this is Danse Society rewired by Front 242 – but whose complaining…..

Inside treatment….

Shift…..the film ised in the video montage, unless i’m very much mistaken, is the surrealist ‘Un Chien Andalou’ …..

Non-aggression pact….

Hell’s teeth……thought we’d throw these two in for good measure, a classic toon from Killing Joke acolytes 1919 and the frankly perfect Front 242…

We really must devise a way of putting our bookmarks in order for we fear we may have inexcusably missed one or two of these aptly named ‘odd cast’ transmissions. Cobbled together by Cleaners of Venus man Martin Newell, here’s transmission 9 of his record stash rummage, of course the occasional Cleaners of Venus lovely features among a playlist mellowed by the recently parted Toots Thielemans, still, a rare chance to kick back and watch the dissolve to the easy on the ear sounds of Petula Clark, Harry Nilsson, Anette Hanshaw and Charles Trenet. https://www.mixcloud.com/Martinnewelloddcast/martin-newells-oddcast-show-9/  

Always good to have the occasional appearance of Radiohead troubling these missives, news out that there’s a rather special remastered and expanded package arriving to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of ‘OK Computer’. Considered their finest, in truth we’ve a soft spot for ‘in rainbows’ still, always considered it the half twin. ‘ok computer’ considered the bands defining moment, arrives remodelled as ‘oknotok’ and features the original album, the lost b-sides and three previously unreleased cuts from those sessions – ‘i promise’, ‘lift’ and man of war’ all carefully cleaned and mastered from the original analogue tapes. Available on all the usual platforms – triple vinyl, double CD and digital download, however we suspect that it’s the limited edition deluxe box that’ll get most long standing fans hot beneath the collar, a tad pricey mind, the set includes, well we’ll leave it to the press release to explain……

‘The OKNOTOK BOXED EDITION will ship in July, featuring a black box emblazoned with a dark image of a burned copy of OK COMPUTER containing three heavyweight 180 gram black 12″ vinyl records and a hardcover book containing more than thirty artworks (many of which have never been seen before) and full lyrics to all the tracks (except the ones that haven’t really got any lyrics). Under this weighty tome are yet more surprises: a notebook containing 104 pages from Thom Yorke’s library of scrawled notes of the time, a sketchbook containing 48 pages of Donwood and Tchock’s ‘preparatory work’ and a C90 cassette mix tape compiled by the band, taken from OK COMPUTER session archives and demo tapes.’

Here’s a smattering of videos featuring one or two of those dumped at the archive cutting floor tracks……

If your quick before they send back their returns, you might be able to get hold off a copy of #2 of ‘Long Live Vinyl’ – a new occasional journal for vinyl enthusiasts which stickered to the cover of this particular issue features a yellow double sided square flexi. Indeed, yes you heard right, a flexi disc. Much loved one time in, predominantly the 70’s, as a means for advertising, sampler promotion use and all manner of other things such as band messages etc…..it became the chosen freebie means of the musical weeklies – remember them – Melody Maker, Sounds, Record Mirror and of course the New Musical Express – the latter of whose critical heyday was the long distant days of ’76 to ’81. There was of course Flexipop, Masterbag and, in the late 80’s, the Catalogue who all kept the light flickering on this much missed and sadly out of favour format. Anyhow enough of reminiscing, back to Long Live Vinyl, #3 just out incidentally alas no freebies in this one, the cover mounted flexi adorning #2 features a ‘pioneers of electronica’ soiree that gathers on opposing sides of vinyl tracks from Thomas Leer and the Residents, the former serviced by ‘tight as a drum’ – a track pulled from his ‘4 movements’ full length from 1981 – a creative mind so far ahead of the curve that there’s still folk around today struggling to keep up, whilst the latter features ‘train vs. elephant’ a cut culled from the Residents recent long player platter ‘the ghost of hope’ – details about the tracks via the dangerous minds link……



With ‘burials in several earths’ looming darkly on a near horizon readying itself for release mid-May on their own Room 13 imprint, the first fruits of the recently reconvened Radiophonic Workshop are afoot with the appearance on listening radars of ‘not come to light’. Evoking long lain dormant echoes of both Malcolm Clarke and Paddy Kingsland, Radiophonic Workshop pick up the baton from the exact point where they left it 32 years ago, as though awoken from some cryogenic deep freeze, there’s still a sense of creative playfulness attaching here as it pilots the shadowy terrains of a dystopian VHS future world. Merging dark and light tonalities, a hauntingly eerie beauty reveals itself, not a million miles from the motorik palettes found on John Carpenter’s recent brace of ‘lost themes’ sets as the converging of kosmick sirens, sunspot activity and twinkle toned pulsars pulsate and purr to forge a brooding yet entrancingly panoramic neo-classical harmony of the heavens. https://soundcloud.com/the-radiophonic-workshop/04-not-come-to-light-mastered  

Okay where are we with freeform vinyl scrambling mix-a-delic mosaics because DJ Marcelle / Another Fine Mess has something in her locker that’s going to seriously fry both your turntable and headspace. Wicked erratic with its setting on wow, heading out of the Jahmoni / Schamoni Musik sound house soon-ish is the heaving trip-a-delic workout ‘too’. Plastered across the grooves of 12 inches of wax, this mammoth 4 track head clash finds this turntablist pioneer at the height of her wax spinning powers creating on lead out cut, ‘too long’, a mutating twelve-minute sound palette that skips, swerves and hiccups with such impish activity as to create a high wiring cornucopia that aside turning your listening wherewithal to mush, appears sealed in its own hermetically sealed environmental biosphere, for here a sonic ecosystem morphs amid a busying collage of deranged dub dialects, primal feline calls (which i’ll just quickly say here had Dylan the house cat momentarily ceasing his persistent preening schedule to raise an inquisitive eyebrow), skewiff earth beat rhythms, frantic floor flattening beats and a deeply effecting prowling bass line, in short, one of those tracks that’s guaranteed to have the whole room shut up in silence and just staring back at the hi-fi in swooning WTF was that fondness. No sound links just yet, rest assured they’ll appear as soon as.

Something else we need to keep a track of are these occasional Autumnsongs sessions. We have mentioned these in the very near recent past, the idea here being that a very select roster of artists are invited to perform two songs live amid the close intimacy afforded by Trondheim’s Autumnsongs recording studio. The events are filmed and released for viewing every fortnight via the All Good Clean Fun records website. Latest visitor to the studio is Silje Leirvik who i’m certain we’ve featured here in these pages previously, these days signed to Autumnsongs home of Rhys Marsh, she’s captured here performing the ethereally entrancing ‘silver and gold’ and the bitter sweetly head bowed and bruised ‘glass of water’.

Ah, the joys of the cassette tape and dysfunctional Walkmen players, I secretly thought it was just I alone that was bedevilled by the almost contrary nature of these defunct devices as they chose to play, depending on their mood, itself varying ever more impishly with spite seemingly mirroring the level of your frustration and rage, quaintly unrecognisable variations of recordings you’d made, too boot chewing up your beloved cassette in the process. And on the subject of cassettes, is it just me who finds the more expensive the cassette, then the more prone to warping conditions it gets, I’ve cassettes here that were so cheap and nasty the shops used to force you to take them gratis before they’d even consider serving you, now these blighters have been through all manner of near destructive incidences, yet like cockroaches after the big bomb, they remain almost indestructibly resilient. I mention all this because there’s a free to download set that’s just appeared via those Blue Tapes and X-Ray records folk that appears to have suffered a similar fate. A planned collage – or as the label put – a real time composition was mooted to feature sample loops provided by a host of invited artists to be wired and manipulated by way of those pesky Walkmen device, only the machines suffered glitches, some died, some just went weird and others just refused to play ball, the tapes were damaged through warping, stretching and drop outs rendering the plan obsolete until, that is, now. Recently re-discovered and played again, what was once deemed unlistenable took on a likeable charm, described in passing as sounding not unlike a ‘drunk evil Can’, these recordings were placed in the safe hands of Chemiefaserwerk for mastering who with visitations from Father Murphy, Benjamin Finger, Verity Sussman and a previously mentioned gathering of folk whose names and contributions have been waylaid in the troublesome tape head fog. Set across two extended suites, this is ‘vol. 2: C∞’ by the Blue Tapes House Band, a distractively becoming collage, agreeably warped, weird and though decidedly unsettling and remote, possessed of a meditative hypno-grooving calm that’s ostensibly buried beneath a hazy gauzing of rolling mist as were drifting across a waterfront illuminated by the crackle of a post-apocalyptic fire which in time begins to unfurl and manifest briefly into a strangely lilting dream draped passage whereupon a sepia drawn psych waltz plays, which after a passing, blurs and dissolves to peel away back to its grim grinning reality. Side 2 maintains the sense of tense disquiet, in truth it recalls the Revenant Sea’s side of the bargain on his split collaboration with Roadside Picnic a few years back, though after a while you soon begin to reveal it is in essence the same track only chipped, polished and lengthened by an additional minute’s worth of rescued sample loops. https://bluetapes.bandcamp.com/album/vol-2-c

Utterly adorable and at once breathless, feel good and primed with ear candy hooks aplenty, latest from the Elefant sound house comes courtesy of a new happening turntable twister-ella from the much-admired Primitives for this is ‘I’ll trust the wind’ – an effervescent mirror ball ricocheting amid the swooning tide of a rapturous whirl pool dimpled in the pop frenzying panic attacking delirium of 60’s beat cooling shimmies and softly purring psych washes. Now tell me again exactly what’s not too love?


Don’t know why we do this to ourselves, but you know how it is, a bit like being in a record shop, you go in with the specific purpose of getting something, then eye another release and while walking back to the counter, another catches your eye and then the bloke at the desk raises a curious eye at your selections and suggests you might like this, before you know it, your wandering out laden with a ready-made record collection and you wonder to yourself, how did that happen i only went it in to ask when the next bus was…well same here, this all started with Lee Southall, which all things being well we’ll end with….

Now this is drop dead gorgeous, by Aquarian Blood, who according to the liner notes are husband and wife duo JB and Laurel Horrell, she formerly of the NOTS he one time The Cult, I wonder who that could be then, mind you given I’ve scantly heard anything by the Cult since 1985, then i’ll admit to giving up now. Anyhow two tracks from a recently released set entitled ‘last nite in paradise’ via goner records those being ‘heaven is in my head’ and ‘i won’t forget to die’ ought to appeal to those whose chosen musical poison sounds as though it’s been recorded, not so much in a garage, but in the garage toilet. Frenetic, feral and flayed, the former howls and hollers sprayed in all manner of discordant caterwauling waywardness whilst fried and scalped in a delightfully trashed out pogo-fied dayglo goo. The latter, in truth just edges matters in the affection stakes, a brooding and fracturing shadow traced slab of deathly white chilling, a dark twin of death and vanilla or tara king th perhaps though you never heard it from me. https://soundcloud.com/gonerrecords/aquarian-blood-heaven-is-in-my-head-wont-forget-to-die

Another drop dead gorgeous, dandy though this time all together more dreamily demurred and lullingly peppered in the feint whisper of grace fallen 60’s honeycombs as were, dropped vapour trailed from celestial heights. Taken from their recently released ‘strange family’ EP – there was an ultra-limited lathe cut variant alas all gone now – through the fox food imprint, this is the amorphous ‘mighty three’ from nice legs, which in short is the sound of St Etienne fed through the spectral aperture of a Broadcast viewfinder, utterly blissful and disarming and easily deserving of being filed somewhere near your prized Lake Ruth platters. https://soundcloud.com/fox-food-records/nice-legs-mighty-three  

In case you missed this first time of asking, no harm in mentioning this one again – misty coast’s latest via club ac30 – featured here…. https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/misty-coast/  

Alas no info on this cute thing, from rosebug this is ‘he doesn’t know’ – one of those tracks that distractively nuzzles beneath your defences just when your least unaware, we just love the lazy eyed fluttering of it all as it slipstreams with post rock Mathian prowess to shimmer tone around the outer spectrum of shoe gaze. https://soundcloud.com/rosebugband/he-doesnt-know-master-103116  

Fairly certain we haven’t mentioned this previously, the frankly awesome return of the Dahmers doing a neat spot in b-movie horror glam rock-a-hula with the frantic pulse racing ‘nightcrawler’ – a cut taken from their ‘in the dead of the night’ full length, which all things being well ought to be out and about squaring up to the competition at all decent record emporiums via lovely records. Anyhow this ‘un is your 50’s bubble grooved dragster strutting teen terrorised grave rumbling rawk, damn fine if you ask us. https://soundcloud.com/gaphals/the-dahmers-nightcrawler

This may or may not be Consuumer, information is very scant like ‘release date ‘13th January 2017’ and that’s your lot. Safe to say ‘shattered fruit’ is pushing all our buttons frantically with its blistered grizzling and choking of gouging punitively punctuated hardcore, no doubt much in awe of those who’ve graced the formidable grooves of platters heading out with brutal agit aplomb from the Gringo and Brew sound houses. https://soundcloud.com/consuumer/shattered-fruit  

Another I’m afraid to say that we have no information on, this though is the Sticky Fingers with their re-treatment of the Cure’s ‘love song’ all gorgeously set in the stuff that one might suspect holds the stars in the night sky, add to that mix oodles of twinkling sepia spun lunar webbing all set to a delightfully serene lullaby carousel. https://soundcloud.com/thesestickyfingers/lovesong-the-cure

Feel good indie prettiness from lunch ladies with this particular track being culled from their recently released debut full length ‘down at sunset strip’ via good eye records, it be called ‘pick yourself up’ – a softly alluring dream dazed beauty that shimmies directly into the hearts of both Allo Darlin and the pains of being pure at heart whilst spraying a soft burn of tropical island effervescence upon your swooning listening space. https://soundcloud.com/good-eye-records/lunch-ladies-pick-yourself-up

something that ought to principally be of essential ear gear interest to those among you much admiring of Sennen and seefeel. It’s been a while since we had the pleasure of horsebeach causing all manner of admiring fuss around these here parts and how they’ve matured and grown, this being a cover of Documenta’s ‘idle hands’ that you can find tucked up on a recently released 6 track gathering for o genesis wherein they share space with Yucatan and the aforementioned, Documenta. https://soundcloud.com/horsebeach/idle-hands-documenta-cover

given the fact there are only 500 copies around of this and that it’s had 14k worth of listens of sound loud, I think that avoiding the same mathematical mayhem much publicised concerning those that ought to know better, we can safely expect to say that this has long sold out. Through tough love a few months back, this is ulrika spacek with the rather spiffing ‘everything : all the time’, a softly psyched shade adorning twisterella, part TV AM meets Sunray as though channelling the edgier and more experimental kraut gouged moments from a Stereolab back catalogue themselves taking an angular leaf from the Sonic Youth song book, the blighter just blisters beautifully. https://soundcloud.com/tough-love/ulrika-spacek-everything-all-the-time-1  

his new album for wonderfulsound literally just dropping through our letter box earlier today, since the disbanding of his former charges the Coral, Lee Southall has since moved both physically (relocating to Hebden Bridge) and musically with the recording of ‘iron in the fire’. ‘shade of blue’ serves notice of a more mellowing tone that’s blissfully kissed with an easy listening vintage that sounds as though its awoken from an early 70’s lie in, and while the press release might throw up comparisons to the likes of john martyn, james taylor and bert jansch, there’s a breezy soulful smoulder that sways and swoons to a listening palette populated by Dennis Wilson and more latterly the Lancashire Hustlers nee BDI’s / the Panda Gang…..  https://soundcloud.com/lee-a-southall


Pagan sex, maypole dances, sacrifices and the horror that is Ed Sheeran alive and butchering in Brexit Britain as witnessed and pontificated upon by the ghoulish Gatiss….okay we lied about Sheeran that’s just a symptom of stupidity…..https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/apr/30/folk-horror-cults-sacrifice-pagan-sex-kill-list



Things we missed first time of asking……it happens…..

Tess parks and the Auras…..

Magic castles…..

The legendary Peter King, lord of the lathe cut……needs help, please give generously…….


first in an occasional ‘I bet you never expected that’ series, now I’m firmly sat on the fence getting splinters in my backside wondering if I’m the only one who  might have missed something here…….anyhow here’s Kirsten Dunst covering er….. ‘turning japanese’…..



world’s rarest vinyl……






folk horror feature on bandcamp daily…..


more forgotten gems……tara jane o’neill……..quite heavenly if you ask me….

Podcasts a go go…..



















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The end groove……

Running out with two selections on this occasion….

A short diary documentary from the pages of a young punk, Roger Hill of Radio Merseyside fame….

The irreplaceable Laurel and Hardy…..

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