needle into a bug

Eyed this on the Reverb Worship web site, quite something, from the mysterious Needle into a Bug who apart from hailing from Russia somewhere, the label is unable to offer anything else to fuel the clue casting chase. Ripped from a 40 only CD set entitled ‘stolen dream songs’ this is the shadowy majesty that is ‘Hexenring’. Beautifully macabre and eerily spell charmed, a forest dwelling sonic sprite crafting the most alluring ghost lit symphonia, it’s glooming classical curvatures creaking and crackling, crookedly usher forth to worlds that haunt the sleeping state, here amid the bowed chime recitals and spectral choruses an age old ritual is at play whereupon a supernatural fantasia impishly waltzes somewhat in search of a cinematic chiller to gruesomely grace.  

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