Scott William Urquhart

And it’s with many thanks to Scott William Urquhart who sent over a freshly pressed copy of his latest that we swiftly move on to mention. A most unexpected treat, for there lurking on our doormat yesterday was a new limited CD set entitled ‘lenten dawn chorus’. Only 40 hand numbered copies are around of this, so be fast, each comes accompanied and indeed wrapped in its own unique hand painted card, our copy – which is in fact #18 – you can see it in the band camp photo images – also contains a personalised message from Scott alerting to the fact that he’s playing a show tomorrow night – 8/5/17 – with Daniel Bachman and Jake Xerxes Fussell, we’ll also add to the fact that he underplays this collection referring them, in his own words as ‘a collection of guitar tunes’ – such self-depreciation often goes far here. Now those of you regularly tuning into these musings, the name Scott William Urquhart will surely be in no need of introductions, clearly schooled in the finger plucking intricacies of both John Fahey and Jack Rose, this alchemist of the lost and archaic is possessed of a rare craft of touch that’s equipped and book pressed with an unfailing rich beauty and fluency that draws upon and indeed, channels the very hum and toning of nature and which within its narrowing prism of sound is at once deeply expressive and vividly detailed. Featured here are eight such murmurs captured from an age not so much forgotten, rather more buried deep in our pop psyche, ‘Lenton Dawn Chorus’ arrives charmed in a woody resonance, the sounds liberated and delicately spared come free and unperturbed by the modern-day rush, secret hidey holes as were offering serene sanctuary and perchance for a moment to kick back, destress and dream away the days. ‘sweet Cecilia grace’ and ‘springtime drone’ open this exquisite sonic study, ghosts of the aforementioned Fahey and Rose are apparent, the artistry sublime, a canvas cooled in undulating pastures and a breath-taking scenery of wide screened rolling mountains as far as the eye can see call easily to mind, the latter of the brace particularly cut from a timeless tapestry chimed to such legendary blues masters as Skip James and Son House. Yet scratch beneath the surface and allow these miniatures to breath and what you quickly find, especially encountering the likes of ‘am I only dreaming’ and ‘total peace’, is that Mr Urquhart is more than adequately versed in the ways of Nick Drake whose frailly tender summer blown signatures beautifully haunt this brace of tracks not least the latter mentioned which freefalls with a ‘pink moon’ eloquence ghosting between ‘from the morning’ and ‘things behind the sun’. elsewhere the cantering and lolloping ‘time out of joint’ might well raise an appreciable eyebrow from those Terrascopic folk given how it ploughs terrains most would immediately associate with the likes of a youthful David A Jaycock channelling as were, Roy Montgomery while ‘high anxiety blues’ is cut with such feel good airy vintage radiance that you can smell the moonshine vapours rising from in porch trimmed turning, leaving the spirit of Bert Jansch to sit in on the parting opus ‘enda kwa miguu ‘. Class and very essential should you not have already guessed for yourselves.  

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