Heading out of the slimer imprint in a strictly ultra-limited 40 only pressing, the much-admired Tau team up with Lebanese singer Nadia Daou for an ‘in between albums’ blink and its gone square marble lathe 7 inch featuring hand painted artwork by Leonardo Pedron. Entitled ‘Ana Inta Inta Ana’, it’s a head fusing mesmeric mantra set around an Arabic greeting that roughly translates “I am you and you are the other me”, this hazily hued deeply spaced out psych hymn is sultrily grooved in all manner of woozy snake charming arabesques with a kind of bonged out bliss kissed glazing that imagines Goat channelling Spacemen 3. https://slimerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tau-ana-inta-inta-ana-7-square-marble-lathe-cut

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