On previous visitations to these pages, we’ve had rightful cause to compare Quimper to the folk of both horror pop sounds and Villa9 with the addition of passing nods to the much missed FortDax and the Assembled Minds, last outing ‘retrieval’ was a most curious cornucopia of forgotten 70’s children’s TV theme waltzes rescued from broadcasting house basements and eerily lit half way worlds existing between reality, dream and the beyond. New EP ‘midnight snack’ continues their dalliance with all things borne of dark manifestations, the surreal and the obscurely outsider, for a twisted beauty resonates from the sweet soft psyche macabre that is its title track, at once warped and woozy, ethereal and eerily enchanted, its crooked framing and slightly off centred persona whispering like a fleeting apparition dancing and flickering upon a lilting lullaby motif.  Quite odd and decidedly becoming if you ask me.   

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