ulrika spacek

And there we were just casual running the critical thumb over a release that escaped our usually well-oiled radar by Ulrika Spacek just a day or two ago when along comes this newly peeled video adoring a track ‘full of men’ – the first single in fact – prized from their incoming ‘modern English decoration’ for tough love due early June time. The video incidentally portrays 70’s cookery icon, the late Fanny Craddock, one time televisual star along with her husband Johnnie – well we’ll leave the band to explain the video’s concept – ‘”This song is a swipe at masculinity and we were going to make a video quite literally full of men but we didn’t want to make something too obvious so ended up flipping the idea to play on the traditional female/housewife gender role in the setting of a cookery show, cutting up quite phallic things whilst under the male gaze of a camera man.” – as to the track itself, ‘full of men’ is graced with a touchingly forlorn bitter sweetness, its mournful casing shimmered in a softly speckled quiet grandeur amid who pulsing post rock framing a vulnerability peers with the kind of bruised and hollowed seduction that once upon a time graced and ghosted through the grooves of Quickspace’s bowing out ‘death of quickspace’ set. A good ‘un by our reckoning.

Tour dates……

May 16th – Nuits Botanique, Brussels, Belgium

June 2nd – 02 Academy, Oxford, UK w/Slowdive

June 6th – Rough Trade instore, Nottingham, UK

June 8th – Rise Music instore, Bristol, UK

June 14th – The Lexington, London UK

July 23rd – Zanne Festival, Nicolosi, Italy

August 3rd – Kantine am Berghain, Berlin w/ The Men

August 4th – OFF Festival, Katowice

August 20th – Doune the Rabbit Hole, Doune, UK

August 27th – This Must Be The Place, Leeds, UK

Sept 15th – Levitation, Angers, France

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