Been an absolute age since we featured anything heading out of the low point imprint. Those occasional rummages through past missives which we’ve been posting up here had us wondering whatever had become of the label. We feared the worst and then by chance happened upon them by sheer accident on that there twitter, still happily putting out releases, the latest a limited cassette from Bristol based musician John Scott here under his alter ego Stereocilla with a track entitled ‘lucid dream’ from a four track EP by the name ‘a late spring never lies’. A masterclass of poise and elegance set over 8 minutes of exquisitely honed serene beauty and something that seductively lilts to the echo of those early days releases heading out of the Kranky imprint – here i’m thinking particularly of LaBradford, Stars of the Lid and Roy Montgomery all beautifully harnessed and kissed in a wonderfully statuesque framing that delicately dissolves with a bitter sweet thawing. Quietly immense stuff.

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