EAN Vs. Eliza Carthy / the Memory Band

Talking of the Memory Band, admit it you thought these missives were thrown together in a haze of hopeful chaos, seamless I tell you. Incoming on the esteemed Static Caravan imprint, in fact one of several well-heeled releases you’ll find dotted here and there here in the coming days, this one we believe readying itself for a limited 7 inch pressing shortly is in fact from EAN who by all accounts splits time between appearing with stick in the wheel with remix work, here with two tasters from his formidable mix vault, well we say he, this is all rough guess work given this promo is so early days that the press release is still, I suspect, being cobbled up. Anyhow all you need know is that this ‘un features rewires of tracks by Eliza Carthy and the Memory Band, the former ‘Aleppo in the sun as it was’ finds her fused with Bristol based MC Disraeli – ghosted in light and dark extremes, a trip-hopula gem with which beneath the breezily hiccupping cut up coos of a crookedly carefree Ms Carthy emerges the stark brutality and bleak alienation of a populace lost, a hymn for a forgotten yesterday before the grieving daily struggle for survival while the worlds political powers sit on their hands and nations turn their back. Over on the flip, the Memory Band’s ‘children of the stones’ is repressed and caressed with a wonderfully lulling glitch-tronic toning which for the second review on the trot has us mentioning the much missed Tunng as a reference point albeit as though re-tweaked after a spin cycle in the Palace of Swords mystical mind morphing machine.

Here’s the Eliza Carthy / Disraeli mix…..



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