rob clarke and the wooltones

I’ll be honest in saying, not what we were expecting from a new Rob Clarke and the Wooltones happening. ‘walking on the water’ finds the Wooltones brethren camped in mellower tones, wounded and bruised, amid it’s delicately dressed grooves a revealing of a subdued vulnerable steeling is apparent from out of which a classically pop textured awareness rises to the fore, the song craft both thoughtful and reflective at once cuts and caresses, its softly shaded ebbing and flowing psych folk shelling ghosted in an intimacy that’s distantly flavoured in a Memory Band seasoning. Over on the flip, the now trademark instrumental retuning of the lead cut, now re-floated as ‘walking on the waves’ is a moment of serenely lazy eyed watching the clouds pass by overhead bliss that has all the twinkling imagining of Tunng and the Owl Service tasked with rescoring ‘the adventures of \Robinson Crusoe’. Essential in case you hadn’t already figured.

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