Hopefully we should be getting copies of this sometime later in the week, emerging from out of the castles in space imprint this is a teaser trailer for the incoming CHXFX album ‘transcranial targets’ – an uber progged out astral trip and quite possibly the trippiest thing to have hit our desk since the days of the magic mushroom band and system 7 were found scrambling our turntable and musically wallpapering our head space in a melodic pastiche of naked lunch / videodrome / 2000AD dystopian strangeness, that said plenty of old school 50’s electronic crookedness afoot here with the Baron’s Bebe and Louis impishly muddying the palette as well as some neat Radiophonic eeriness, add to the mix elements of Omnia Opera and praise space electric and you have yourselves what might be best described as the equivalent of musical magic mushroom head trip.

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