deux furieuses

Welcome return to these musings of the formidable Deux Furieuses with a brand new single about to break cover entitled ‘silencing of the roar’. Arriving simmering its grooves and scoured in discontent and mistrust, it’s a savaging rally cry for those without voice or who’ve found themselves isolated by a political machine riddled in deceit, double dealing and bully boy tactics, a machine that seems intent on protecting its own whilst condemning those that oppose to the wilderness and happily content to watch those once neighbours, family and friends turn against each other and divide. As to that actual sounds, much like an oncoming apocalyptic storm or a cavalry tracking fast in the distant haze, the tension heavy and darkly brooding with turbulence and desperation, at once stricken and howled in quiet fury it rises from out of the shadows gouged in a scab picking fist clenching anguish all tightly wired to a choking and despairing claustrophobic post punk primed angular battle cry. In short does it for us, a hymn for what is decent, fair, just and right.  

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