Oddfellows Casino

talking of Oddfellows Casino, I’m certain we eyed the name David Bramwell collaborating and guesting on a recent release being aired on band camp the name of which along with the links we’ve momentarily mislaid. So while we rummage around looking for said sounds, we did eye news that the Oddfellows Casino are shortly to emerge from their hidey hole with a planned fifth album by the name ‘oh, sealand’, tracks off which along with various vault finds and sounds of yore are currently being previewed at weekly intervals via facebook. Now Mr Bramwell should really need no introduction, described in passing as the British Sufjan Stevens, he is possessed of a creativity that sits outside time, fashion and generic pigeonholing, a magical carnival of sound that draws from many yet nods and neither owes to none, sometime shanties, briefly tailored in softly radiant psych, touched with folk, baroque and chamber tones, all these ingredients serve to enrich his colourfully mysterious palette. Latest arrival to the Oddfellows Casino songbook, a cover of a track that featured on the flipside of a 2010 release by Grasscut. Entitled ‘swallow the day’ it becomes his own the instant his reflecting melancholic tones appear into view, the dulling caress of crystalline opines sweeten the sting but soon they struggle beneath the hollowing weight of its bruising glow, it’s all wonderfully withdrawn and seductively sighing stuff. https://soundcloud.com/oddfellows-casino/05-swallow-the-day    

those among you previously unaware of Oddfellows Casino, pull a pew and listen to Mr Bramwell loosely narrating the secret history of Oddfellow. First aired on Radio 3 several years ago, this is ‘the haunted moustache’.


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