terrascope playlist

The original outsider guru’s, once upon a time flicking through and indeed, reading copies of the esteemed Ptolemaic Terrascope was akin to discovering a portal whereupon existed strange sound worlds so remote and eclectic that their very existence fell beneath the eyeline of John Peel, a throwback to a lost 60’s counter culture, this self -styled illustrated occasional simply oozed cool, champions of all things DIY, everything about it just wreaked of old worldly classicism to such an extent that you half suspected it was pressed, produced and published in some faraway middle earth land where new fangled things like t’internet and money were a distractive trifling consequence. In recent years, Terrascope has succumbed to the evils of the digital age, an online presence still guides you gently by the hand towards the more esoteric happenings of record world, away from the disappointments of chart bothering hopefuls and whatever passing bandwagon the mainstream ‘musical’ press have dictated be this week’s flavour, not influenced in any way shape or form I should hasten to add, by a healthy financial donation, often called advertising space – ahem – these days head Terrascope-r Phil even hand presses miniature journals on printing devices so old and whiffing of such vintage that one suspects even William Caxton would deem old school, these literary letters known as the Terrascopaedia appear in such infrequent limited number that in a mere blink there be a fear they be gone. To date there have been seven such editions, visions of which can be viewed along with all other variously gathered treasures somewhere here http://www.terrascope.co.uk/Home/New_Credits_Page.htm which while you are there, a little rummage around will turn up old favourite ‘rumbles’ – and while you wander around observing these feasts, the terra-folk have even cobbled together a musical soiree known as the ‘terrascope playlist’ – now up to #12 – how clever, how quaint and how essential. https://soundcloud.com/magiceye1961/sets/terrascope-playlist-12

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