brinsley schwarz

I’m sure there’s a limited cassette pressing of this that’s long since flown the coup and had us miserably administering kicks to one’s own backside aplenty. But enough of our masochistic pastimes, up for lengthier mentions shortly is a limited release just out through Mega Dodo featuring the lost pulled at the last moment studio album by Brinsley Schwarz entitled ‘it’s all over now’. This rare vault find artefact, recorded in ’74 and shelved as the band imploded, finds the Brinsley’s in peak form, featuring a smattering of covers and originals pens, its kissed with a country / schmaltzy bounce that’s lightly pop fried in an easy on the ear sonic vintage that owes much to a candy toned 50’s pop radio, of note here an early version of ‘cruel to be kind’ – several years later to provide a hit for Mr Lowe, here trimmed in a country toning and ostensibly looser in vibe than it’s chart bothering younger sibling.

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