indian wells

The ongoing ‘things we missed’ series rumbles on, here’s a little something that ought to tune favourably with those folk among lucky enough to have secured a copy of that rather spiffing XAM Duo / the Au Fait 7 inch released prior to RSD17 in honour of Norman records. This is from a release out many years back by Indian Wells through Bad Panda, a label whose last contact with these musings was or at the very least appeared, well how can put this, a tad nonplussed. Anyway this is ‘Wimbledon 1980’ – a cut culled from an album that you can freely download entitled ‘night drops’. Prime reason for mentioning this track is the rhythmic syncopating ping pong that’s afoot throughout, much like that echoed by the aforementioned XAM Duo track, yet add in the atmospheric spectral swathes and what you get is a deeply alluring and fleeting moment of ghost lit grandeur frosted in time and re-spun as though some serene and mesmeric celestial occurrence borne of the spinning rings from the film version of HG Wells’ ‘the Time Machine’.   

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