Wytch Pycknyck

A most welcome message from the Wytch Pycknyck alerting us, or should that be, warning us as to new happenings afoot with a limited cassette readying itself to both break hearts and be the cause of head fracturing swoons aplenty. It be called ‘the skeleton tape’ – a three track hairy mama which alas we can’t share links just this moment, safe to say we’ve had an earful of the angular freakiness that is the lead out track ’ten bag’ and would heartily recommend, nay insist, that admirers of the much-missed Brew imprint and the ultra-cool Riot Season will be much adoring of the skewed and skewiff stoner psych fuzz gnarling that curdles the tape heads, utterly zonked out wig flipping grooviness to go.     

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