you, the night and the music #207

A positive feast of ear pricking platters and a quite simply faultless rummage into the backs of record racks that most sniff at with puzzled envy. The latest listening soiree from those ‘you, the night and the music’ folk opens with a track from an imminent Buried Treasure happening that we’ve mentioned in passing but really do need to take a closer listen of, a vault find that features recordings by Yuri Morozov who throughout the 70’s and 80’s was beneath the oppressive eye of a surveillance Soviet was to be found populating a secret sonic underground with sounds ahead of curves that many never knew existed. We really must gen up on Reet Maff’l –  a duo who feature among their ranks members of the much loved / missed That Fucking Tank found here doing strangeness aplenty. Featured elsewhere among the rich pickings, take your choice from Suzanne Ciani, Tristram Cary, Alison O’Donnell, Revbjelde, CHXFX – whose album for Castles in Space I must admit we are hugely looking forward to hearing, add to the mix a brace of recent Sonido Polifonico lovelies courtesy of Seabuckthorn and Bell Lungs, perfection from Julius Vanderbilt and Prana Crafter. All said prime ear candy happenings this show, as if what we’ve already mentioned wasn’t enough to have to you all a wow and flutter, may we suggest you tune your radar to the psych drift smoke that is Mt Mountain’s ‘floating eyes’ – in short an imagining of Godspeed if they’d jumped into the studio and shared a bong with Balmorhea. Of course, all said, we quite fancy Sievehead’s ‘invocation’ a blistering bad boy that at times amid the frenetic dischord had us much recalling Leatherface in a nose bloodying head butt with the Triffids.

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