John Sinclair

Seriously essential listening from John Sinclair found here hooked up with Youth for what is a simply irresistible and smoky 4 track head trip. Heading out of the Iron Man imprint late July time on what we assume will be, hulking slabs of heavy duty 12-inch vinyl, ‘beatnik youth ambient’ is a 30-minute narcotic induced astral trip. Somewhere here one of the last recordings by Howard Marks graces the grooves, elsewhere the mood and vibe is loose and trippy, a deeply chill toned intoxicating happening of mind frying and bonged out wooziness, best of the four being ‘brilliant corners’ a homage to Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs whereupon Youth’s frankly freaked out jazz dystopian tones are cast upon a morphing cyclone of fracturing arabesque atmospherics and dream draped mind loss over which Sinclair spits and growls narrating forgotten alternative histories of a restless 60’s American underground. Sound links to come.     

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