Many thanks to Colin over the much admired and loved Castles in Space who sent over a hulking parcel of desirable coloured wax artefacts among its number the eagerly awaited CHXFX full length, which impatient hearts we’ll be featuring over the weekend. Tucked amid this ear pricking presentation though, a prized a highly sought after lathe copy of an ultra-limited one sided release by Concretism which was pressed up for the recent Independent Label Market soiree at the Old Spitalfields Market last month. A taster of things to come, ‘the view from pye green corner’ comes pulled from his forthcoming, as yet, as far as I can recall, untitled full length set due we believe sometime July. His most fluent and fluid composition to date, it finds its author stepping up the ante, crafted with familiar trademark Concretism tropes of yore, the sound is expanded and lushly phrased, clipped in a cinematic sheen it dovetails sumptuously expressed of a svelte stream lined future visioning that draws on the quietly euphoric symphonic sprays first encountered on FortDax’s sublime ‘at Bracken’ full length debut albeit here relocated in the twilight wiles of John Carpenter’s ‘utopian façade’.

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