laker herzog

Ah…the mysterious Laker Herzog. Ultra-limited 2 track, 111 only hand numbered lathe just out through Polytechnic Youth no doubt which, by the time you read this, have all long since sold. First sighted on the second volume making up that quite excellent ‘Bedroom Cassette Masters’ series, mentioned in these pages at regular fond frequency, a collection of lost bedroom electronica from the 80’s curated, if memory serves me right, by the folk behind Midwich Youth Club. We’ll allow you to draw the dots. Played at a number of different speeds ‘driven to silence’ and ‘told’ feature here, the former ghosted in a gloriously shadow lined dystopian greyness upon which a bleakly propulsive chill wave beat all stricken and stirring is gouged gloomily upon the grooves forging an icy disquiet which in truth sounds like an unlikely alliance pitting together a particularly disconsolate DAF with the hollowing ice cooled Modern Eon – that said played at the preferred alternative 33rpm it all sounds very Andrew Eldritch. As to ‘told’ – would it help if I said it literally perspires eeriness, glazed in own sub-zero environment, seriously frost bite forms just being in earshot of it, clearly a creative mind whose been picking over the grooves of John Foxx’s ‘Metamatic’ by candle light on successive nights. It was then we realised that we’d been playing the blighter at 33rpm, ramped up to 45rpm it all gets a tad frazzled in hysteria, a critical melt down ensues, very Landscape in design and direction and something becoming of nights camped in freebasing on Thomas Leer platters, mind you that said do we hear the brief though audible influence of Bill Nelson populating the sonic equation. In short then four tracks for the price of two, wonder what it sounds like at 16 and 78 rpm……hang on a tad…..

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