anthony j reynolds

If like us you are late to the party with this one, then I’m sad to say that by all accounts this has long sold out of its strictly limited 50 only pressing on 10 inch slabs of lathe cut vinyl via Static Caravan all hand cut by the 345rpm folk. A high art neo classicist soundtrack phrasing by Anthony J Reynolds back dropping ‘Adrift in Soho’ – the Pablo Behrens film based on the Colin Wilson 1961 novel. The set features three variations of the films theme – in essence the main theme sub divided into string and vocal re-enactments. Beautifully expressive, ‘Adrift in Soho’ is dulled in melancholic forlorn, the interplay between the opining strings and the pirouetting keys cultivates a panoramic overview of a smoky rain soaked night lit landscape aglow in the shadow fall of a sullen moon, really is most alluring in the way it captures both the mood and the time particularly the subtle jazz shuffles that sign it out. More intimate and closer in perspective the ‘string’ variation courts a hitherto more ghostly resonance that’s shimmered in svelte noir serenades, the stripped back arrangements both reflective and bitter sweetly romantic caress with graceful elegance. The fracturing ‘vocal’ mix brings up the rear, bruised and ached in regret and veering close in the footsteps of Brel and Scott.  

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