autumn chorus

Absolutely emotionally flooring, the way it glides from hurtful to euphoric, at once reflective and introspective, softly soured in a tear stricken sepia / monochrome framing, this is ‘bye bye now’ by Autumn Chorus, a crushing statement of such hymnal beauty that across its four-minute visitation its liable to both reduce and rebuild you anew, within are memories frozen in time, a deeply personal and a touching epitaph marking the passing of its authors mother all murmured in an aching bruising that’s crippled by the shock of loss that towards its end burns bright and radiantly. It’s author Robert Lloyd-Wilson tragically passed away himself last December, his wife and friends invite you to celebrate his life and creativity with a memorial show to be held at the Lexington on 4th of June wherein an invited cast of musicians will perform to pay respect to this talented spirit – among those in attendance will be the Real Tuesday Weld, The Irrepressibles, Fyfe Dangerfield, Richard Walters, Nutfield Choral Quartet and more. Proceeds from the event going to assist the sterling work done by the children’s cancer charity – Kidscan. In addition, there will be an auction to claim a one-off lathe pressing of the aforementioned track hand cut by the folk over at 345rpm. For further details – go to

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