Aux Luna

Those of you with a want for your listening dozed in disorientation and weighted in the tripping, the hypnotic and the macabre, might do well to reset your ears radar in the general direction of Aux Luna’s ‘Witches & Their Craft’. The story goes being its author happening across a box of strange delights when cleaning out their parent’s home following the death of their mother. Among the items, a littering of supernatural magazines and books, a cassette bearing the name ‘Hannah’ within which, according to its beneficiary, upon the tape there ‘contained long recordings of a single classical guitar recorded rather badly in mono’ where discovered, these sounds forming the basis of the two extended suites you hear here. All very strange, as were akin to a mystical séance performed by a gathering of Villa9 studio types, Keith Seatman and Melmoth the Wanderer, for here amid the shuffling beats disturbances from beyond weave in and out of consciousness, communications from behind the grail of reality casting age old spells, performing rituals as old as time. It’s all very trippy and a tad disquietingly disconnected and detached, without doubt in awe of the wares of Reverb Worship and more besides one strongly suspects, for here strange worlds beckon and darkening deeds unfurl in hallucinogenic hazes seducing from unseen shadows, side 2 particularly coming flavoured in shimmering tones of arcane mysticism and woozy transcendentalism.

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