Shocked and saddened that we are to discover that all the ‘super limited cassettes’ have long since flown, we must admit something of a fondness for these vault find sessions from Viceroy. Described by the band themselves as ‘the musical equivalent of cave painting’, ‘First Transmissions CS’ gathers together recordings made way back in 2005, 6 tracks feature on this angular 11-minute soiree, between moments of skedaddled impishness they blaze with the kind of swamp dragged discordance that several years earlier may well have had the folk over at touch n’ go raising appreciable eyebrows and scratching their collective chins with interest. At other times, freeform noise and a liberal slab of contortionist sonic noodling is the order of the day not to mention a healthy appearance of some rather nifty trip toned spacey occurrences lighten the load of the art gouged waywardness found freely wiring at will across this archive retrospective.

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