Everything about this release just screams freaked – orange splatter vinyl, moments of which spent staring at as it rotates on the turntable are liable to have you feeling a tad trippy, super psychedelicised artwork – think some acid sci-fi fusion of 50’s comic art – say Weird Tales / Tales from the Crypt stirred with the magic stuff found in Steve Ditko’s coffee. And then there’s the sounds – a bonged out sonic ecosystem blending psychedelia and Radiophonica – ( or else see Sub Rosa’s excellent series ‘An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music for close comparison) ‘with a healthy intake of magic mushrooms. Welcome to the surrealist trip-a-delic world of CHXFX – better known to kith n’ kin as David Henson. In ‘transcranial targets’ he has crafted a freakishly fried fantasia that’s as ingenious as it is impish, as abstract as it is absurd and as dark as it is disturbed, a serious head scrambler fired with forgotten frazzled hardware and borne of a creativity determined to provoke and pinch you out of your happy slumber. Clearly the work of a mind reared and lost to animated story boards drawn in 2000AD comics of old, Henson’s extensive palette is coloured in a mosaic of sound styles, sometime ambient, occasionally progressive, dare I say new age – oh dear I fear I’m losing you briefly, but hang on for here paranoiac echoes of a cold war age reverberate through the shadowy fog of eeriness, previous mentions here have found us comparing its ominous reach to that of a musical pastiche of Naked Lunch and Videodrome references and that still stands not least because between the momentary dream dazed sepia toned ghost carousels of say ‘Delirium Yellow’, chaos is afoot delightfully freefalling and gleefully fracturing in a woozy and isolationist psychotronic haze (‘turns’) whilst peeking with a cautious eye at fleeting visions of futures to come and waiting nightmares lurking with anticipation in tomorrow worlds which all said make this a frightening, fun and fried listening experience.

Previous notes…..

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