DeepDark / Xerxes the Dark

what promises to be a handsomely packaged set heading out of the Russian based imprint Black Mara shortly, features a groove splitting head to head between DeepDark and Xerxes the Dark, dark being the operative word for description here. Two tracks currently on showcase via the labels band camp page, the aptly titled ‘the doomed’ by DeepDark spirited upon a light sucking post-apocalyptic mistral, just a stilled nothingness or so you might first think, edge up a little closer though and what you are hearing, or at least imagining, is the sound of the stars slowly being put out while world’s in their final death throes acquiesce to their fate. Continuing the post-apocalyptic theme, Xerxes the Dark’s ‘Apperceive State‘ approaches matters from an opposing perspective, monastic choral corteges and sheens of celestial radiance sigh this levianthan like brooding drone colossus with a stilled majesty, all the same still oppressively dark, eerie and something you might want to consider for daytime listening.  

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