Roedelius, Chaplin & Heath

I strongly suggest you find yourselves a quiet spot free from distraction, interruption or conversational pollution from the outside world for this one. A truly special listening occurrence. Marking or rather more celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of ‘meeting the magus’ by Aqueuous, a collaboration that brought Andrew Heath and Felix Jay into the presence of legend Hans-Joachim Roedelius, ‘triptych in blue’ features recordings taken from a very special evening one night last September, where gathered at the Brunel Goods Shed in Stroud, where Roedelius, Heath and Christopher Chaplin. Alas no sound links on this just yet, however ‘triptych in blue’ features three extended suites of stilled elegance, of which we must admit, ‘Azurite’ has worked its way immediately into our affections. During its 16-minute visitation, what initially appears bespoke in an ice carved sculpturing soon begins to thaw and radiate resplendently assuming the most demurring of light touches. Its phrasing, poise and unfurling softly drifted so that it dreamily fills the canvas in a part spacey, part pastoral and oceanic fantasia that’s both lulled in transcendentalism and somewhat kissed with the celestial. A most beautified listening spectacle that’s reflective and reinvigorating, the crystalline curvatures and angel sighed arcs approaching dare we say hymnal, hushed and irrefutably as though touched by a higher hand. This immense set is due for record counter adoring early July through disco gecko recordings. Perfection.   

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