Cio D’Or

up next a brace of tracks from Spanish based imprint Semantica who I think i’m right in saying haven’t as yet troubled these pages, first up of which is a video accompanying a track by Cio D’Or – it’s the first one on the player entitled ‘IX’ which annoyingly to many failed attempts, we have tried to isolate as a standalone, still – beautifully graceful, fragile, intimate if not a touch melancholic whilst alluringly phrased in the kind classicist delicacy that we here have come to expect and adore from the likes of Antonymes.

staying with Cio D’Or there’s a killer DJ set to be marvelled at over on the Boiler Room which we strongly recommend you check out, a frankly trip-a-delic performance amounting to an hours-worth of shape cutting bliss out…….

while if you dig around a little deeper you’ll unearth a quite dizzying bliss toned collaborative set that finds her paired up with Donato Dozzy for ‘J’….


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