No sooner do you sign off one record with the infamous ‘now this is quite something else’ then along comes another to fill the vacant space. Trust me, this is seriously extraordinary, call it a musical travelogue, a world odyssey whatever you like, one thing is for certain it’ll be a long while before anything hurtles down the record track sounding quite like it. The latest from the Tokyo based Noble imprint by Reliq – this is the astounding ‘life prismic’ – alas only three tracks on the preview player, but enough to give indication as to this artist’s creative reach, insight and exquisite craft. ‘life prismic’ screams joy and celebration, a message of hope and unity oozes through its multi-faceted workings with ‘ceramic samba’ particularly jiggy and dizzy with a sense of unbridled joyousness, its palette cultured by an earth beat spirit married to a distractively skipping counterpoint that imagines Cornelius refracted through the magnified eye of Steve Reich. Equally high on the affection scale ‘morocco drive’ fuses primitive folk tongues and ethereal chamber tones into a radiant garland of trippily terraforming terrains while ‘rain no more’ is seductively charmed in nursery rhyme like motifs that are softly cajoled and corralled into a wonderfully expressive free flowing funky bliss toning.

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