the bordellos

I must admit to saying that I can’t wait for the 8th to come and pass, I’m getting a tad fed up and increasingly disappointed with the school yard discourse of those who seek to lead this fine nation, it borders on the childish, the condescending and the downright deceitful. Perhaps the cheapness and the lowering of the political standard have partly been due to the rise of certain political brands who though adamant they lay allegiance to the country have, as a result of their chest beating nationalism, damaged it beyond repair. Might it also be true of the abject failure of an opposition to maintain sustained pressure and a clear political argument despite the numerous open goals afforded to it by the party in Government, instead of which they’ve been cowed, having their last political campaign pretty much stage managed by the opposition. I’m sick of the lies, the petty squabbles, the name calling, the selfish personal posturing and positioning and the political ineptness of the whole process. That folks was a political broadcast on behalf of blah blah blah…..on a lighter note, there is always the Bordellos, who not content with an imminent album shortly to head out of recordiau prin, are still to be found rummaging through their extensive vault rediscovering lost nuggets and testing the musical climate to see if their time is now and whether the nation really are ready for a rather grumpily curmudgeon alternative to one direction in their lives. So with days to go before we all troop off to the election box to place our X against our chosen political poison, I mean it’s like hobson’s choice they all promise everything and deliver nothing, we bring you ‘political drill’ – another lost track which first appeared across our desk way back here – gloriously dishevelled and delightfully frayed around the edges, we here still happily stand by our original assessment and clearly sounding like the missing link between a fallen on bad times and bruising from the experience Stones and Velvets.    

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