Zone Six

Head dissolving stuff, ye see young folk this is what happens when you start mixing and messing with your medicines, everything goes hazy and woozy, one minute all’s fine and cool the next you are falling down a rabbit hole and everything goes vibrantly vivid and kaleidoscopic as though someone has just flicked a switch turning everything from monochrome to colours of the spectrum you never knew existed, shapes appears, objects talk and suddenly you’re flipping and tripping leaving your physical shell and cruising fast along mystical astral terrains, damn these smokes are strong. Happen it be the fault of Zone Six captured here in all their lysergic glory on a recent visitation to Earth taking your mind on a 26 minute sonic space-walk, heavy and far out grooviness from the masters of freak sound, a warning though – repeat listens may result in lasting side effects involving the appearance of beards and a non to unappealing zonked out demeanour.   

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