about a million

now I won’t shirk in admitting that we’re growing a tad fond of this, the by all accounts, 13th album from About a Million. Assumed in a fragile lo-fi sometimes playful bitter sweet casualness, ‘look for me when you get bored’ hints on occasions of elements of Pavement, June Panic and Guided by Voices throughout its grooves, lulled upon countrified sun falls and breezily affectionate with it, we’ve grown smitten by the opining crush of ‘brain goes numb’ – teasingly brief and joyously forlorn it at once stings and seduces in equal measure. However, as sparse and fleeting as it may first appear ‘Crumble’ is weighted in an emotional untethering that might just drag you low with its heart piercing poetic arrest. https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad250-about-a-million-look-for-me-when-you-get-bored

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