both an immense undertaking and an immense release coming courtesy of the Champion Version imprint. The label specialising in the pressing of lathe cut 7’s to order through an oft restricted window of availability – usually seven days, has in recent months seem ultra-limited outings from Yellow6, MachineFabriek and Steve Roden gracing their enviable roster. Latest to this formidable sonic family is a 6x7inch collection from Paw Grabowski found here operating under his more familiar ojeRum alter ego. Under the collective title ‘Træerne & Intetheden’ this deeply moving often quietly reflective set pieces together to reveal a twelve-track suite. We will over the ensuing days stop by to mention each of the releases individually starting out obviously, with the first brace of movements – ‘part I’ and ‘part II’. The watchword here is solitude, sweet solitude in fact, perfect listening after the day’s labours where free from distraction and interruption, just you, the headphones and the sounds, the sounds of course bitter sweetly opining away offering a brief moment of blissful remoteness far from the clatter, chatter and drudgery of a cruelly demanding world, instead to a simpler place, more certain, unchanging and untouched. Betwixt a stilled elegance and an introspective atmospheric, a graceful ebb and flow lulls, both movements touched by softly snaking tones that emerge like misty apparitions, perhaps mournful ghost lights in a hazy twilight silently rising from slumber issuing forth from out of their isolation post demurring distress calls into the ether, all very tender, timid and torn in a tear stained oblique beauty.  http://store.championversion.com/album/tr-erne-intetheden-i-ii

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