zola jesus

Now i’ll be totally truthful in saying that this caught us clearly on the spin and near knocked us off our listening pedestal. A new thing from Zola Jesus ripped from a future happening via Sacred Bones entitled ‘Okovi’, this is ‘exhumed’. Emerging from a dark place, suppressed as though an emotionally stark and stricken primal cry found fracturing, fighting and frightened by a world unrecognised, amid the harrowing cast of apocalyptic shadows a turbulent drama unfolds pressed upon fidgeting brutal beats and a scratched neo classical framing whose abrupt schizoid urgency squirms between moments of crushed crestfallen resignation and beautifully brooding euphoria.



16/9  HUDSON, NY Basilica Soundscape

21/9 SAN DIEGO, CA Casbah

22/9 PHOENIX, AZ Valley Bar

23/9 SANTA FE, NM Meow Wolf

25/9 DALLAS, TX Kessler Theater

26/9 AUSTIN, TX North Door

27/9 NEW ORLEANS, LA Siberia

28/9 ATLANTA, GA Aisle 5

29/9 ASHEVILLE, NC The Mothlight

30/9 WASHINGTON, DC U Street

01/10 BOSTON, MA ICA Boston


04/10 BROOKLYN, NY Rough Trade

06/10 TORONTO, ON Longboat Hall

07/10 DETROIT, MI Assemble Sound Church

08/10 CHICAGO, IL Thalia Hall

09/10 MADISON, WI Majestic Theatre

10/10 ST. PAUL, MN Amsterdam Bar & Hall

14/10 – SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Amsterdam Bar & Hall

11/10 OMAHA, NE Waiting Room

16/10 OAKLAND, CA Starline Social Club

17/10 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Independent

19/10 SEATTLE, WA Crocodile

20/10 PORTLAND, OR The Old Church

21/10 VANCOUVER, BC Venue

07/11 LONDON, UK Village Underground

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