Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 23.0….w/e 10/06/2017

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 23.0….w/e 10/06/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….


Reliq, fawns of love, the sun’s evil twin, Det jordiska, radula, principe valiente, 93millionmilesfromthesun, hausfrau, monsieur crane, the bordellos, zone 6, deux furieuses, shitkid, shit girlfriend, georgio moroder, daf, ojerum, les big byrd, Axolotes Mexicanos, alvvays, Muertos, the chemistry set, moody blues, zola jesus, priest, William s burroughs, kurt cobain, holyoak, wind mile, amplifier, Broadcast, Vic Mars, Jon Brooks, the Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly, Moon Wiring Club, Pye Corner Audio, Sharron Kraus, XYLITOL, dark day, notchnoi prospect, led e rest, silent signals, kim ki o, AXL OTL….

No sooner do you sign off one record with the infamous ‘now this is quite something else’ then along comes another to fill the vacant space. Trust me, this is seriously extraordinary, call it a musical travelogue, a world odyssey whatever you like, one thing is for certain it’ll be a long while before anything hurtles down the record track sounding quite like it. The latest from the Tokyo based Noble imprint by Reliq – this is the astounding ‘life prismic’ – alas only three tracks on the preview player, but enough to give indication as to this artist’s creative reach, insight and exquisite craft. ‘life prismic’ screams joy and celebration, a message of hope and unity oozes through its multi-faceted workings with ‘ceramic samba’ particularly jiggy and dizzy with a sense of unbridled joyousness, its palette cultured by an earth beat spirit married to a distractively skipping counterpoint that imagines Cornelius refracted through the magnified eye of Steve Reich. Equally high on the affection scale ‘morocco drive’ fuses primitive folk tongues and ethereal chamber tones into a radiant garland of trippily terraforming terrains while ‘rain no more’ is seductively charmed in nursery rhyme like motifs that are softly cajoled and corralled into a wonderfully expressive free flowing funky bliss toning. https://noble-label.bandcamp.com/album/life-prismic  

Mentioned these cute things a couple of missives back, Fawns of Love they be called, this being ‘that’s what we do’ a track culled from their recently released debut full length ‘who cares about tomorrow’ – a copy of which we really must try to nail and something we believe is finding itself heading out of the fanatic stable. Anyhow this husband and wife duo excel at crafting emotion torn slices of shoegazed arrest, this track in particular assumed with such vulnerability and bruised withdrawing that you might feel helpless in not being able to throw a consoling arm around it. https://soundcloud.com/fanaticpro/fawns-of-love-thats-what-we-do   

Just what the good psych doctor ordered, commented upon in brief in past musings this is the formidable the sun’s evil twin with the aptly titled ‘stoned awhile’ a kind of head morphing kaleidoscopic pill that imagines some studio summit meeting hit upon by the Black Angels, Sunray and the Cult of Free Love all getting high and woozy on the transcendental vapours oozing from platters bearing the name Spacemen 3 upon their grooves. https://soundcloud.com/thesunseviltwin/05-stoned-awhile  

something else that’s been flipping our wigs since veering into ear space earlier today, this one is heading out of the Swedish imprint Lazy Octopus and is by Det jordiska this track being ‘Den Jordiska’ – a little something culled from a recent split set with Eterkropp. Just loved the way it relentlessly nags away all muscular heads down no nonsense chugging math / post rockist riffs which initially had us much minded to go off in search of our prized Quickspace platters for closer comparison, but then repeat listens reveal an angular art rock mindset driving hard much reminiscent of say the much missed the Playrights albeit here wired to a formidable locked groove motorik underpin. https://soundcloud.com/lazyoctopus/det-jordiska-den-jordiska  

staying with Lazy Octopus a little while longer, latest from the label is a new thing by Radula entitled ‘never scared’ – a bit of a distractive cutie that mooches around amid a shadowy spectral trimming, something best described as a slow to burn gem kissed with a distinctly mellowed and dare I say somewhat dulled and cautiously watchful demeanour which when sparking into activity radiates demurringly graced in hollowing halos of 60’s shimmer tones which should reference markers be required then you needn’t look far further than the adored Haight Ashbury for sonic kinship. https://soundcloud.com/lazyoctopus/radula-never-scared  

at you in an instant causing your hackles to stand on end and your pulse to quicken, latest from Principe Valiente ‘wildest flower’ is a triumphant call to arms, all at once stirring, cinematic and immaculate, equal parts Kitchens of Distinction and prime era Wild Swans converging like phoenix’s rising from the ashes to the grace falling crush of a euphoria drenched and radiant lost Suede flip side, absolutely devastating in a word. https://soundcloud.com/afmusic/principe-valiente-wildest-flowers   

re-recording of their debuting album of ten years ago continues apace with the appearance on our listening radar of ‘yesterday morning’ by 93millionmilersfromthesun, as its author rightly notes, it should have been massive, a haze hued bliss bathed juggernaut swooned in vapour trailing raptures all sun fried in dream drifting dissipates and sighed by the seductive showering of sonic snow bursts. https://soundcloud.com/93mmfts/yesterday-morning  

clearly bedfellows of those minimalist folk Middex, this is Hausfrau with a track that was admittedly doing the rounds a little while back, 2015 if you are taking notes, they describe their sound as ‘shadewave’, the cut itself is called ‘trivial pursuit’ – it very much flirts with the isolationist cold wave electro tech of the Normal while casting a wandering eye at Ultravox’s ‘my sex’ and reframing matters with a chillingly seductive Grace Jones frosted aura, in truth ought to appeal to those of you much admiring of the sonic despatches of the Eccentronic Research Council with Maxine Peake. https://soundcloud.com/hausfraumusik/trivial-pursuits  

I don’t mind saying that this has been driving us to distraction, whether it be down to the fact that it’s so sparsely dinked, the fact that the melodies seem adorably out of sync sometimes ahead of the vocal often behind or the sharp intake of breath before the whole thing kicks in, whatever the case an orbital carousel slinked, sleek and chicly unfurling to pepper the listening space in a seductively neutral glazing of casually muted minimalist electro soul. This is Monsieur Crane with a track lifted from a compilation being put out by Brittany based imprint Distag entitled ‘Di)(Spi’ – this is ‘C’est comme ça’ – very Le Bleu in style, tone and fashioning, as to that album, we will be onto it in the coming days. https://soundcloud.com/distag/monsieur-crane-cest-comme-ca  

I must admit to saying that I can’t wait for the 8th to come and pass, I’m getting a tad fed up and increasingly disappointed with the school yard discourse of those who seek to lead this fine nation, it borders on the childish, the condescending and the downright deceitful. Perhaps the cheapness and the lowering of the political standard have partly been due to the rise of certain political brands who though adamant they lay allegiance to the country have, as a result of their chest beating nationalism, damaged it beyond repair. Might it also be true of the abject failure of an opposition to maintain sustained pressure and a clear political argument despite the numerous open goals afforded to it by the party in Government, instead of which they’ve been cowed, having their last political campaign pretty much stage managed by the opposition. I’m sick of the lies, the petty squabbles, the name calling, the selfish personal posturing and positioning and the political ineptness of the whole process. That folks was a political broadcast on behalf of blah blah blah…..on a lighter note, there is always the Bordellos, who not content with an imminent album shortly to head out of recordiau prin, are still to be found rummaging through their extensive vault rediscovering lost nuggets and testing the musical climate to see if their time is now and whether the nation really are ready for a rather grumpily curmudgeon alternative to one direction in their lives. So with days to go before we all troop off to the election box to place our X against our chosen political poison, I mean it’s like hobson’s choice they all promise everything and deliver nothing, we bring you ‘political drill’ – another lost track which first appeared across our desk way back here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/the-bordellos/ – gloriously dishevelled and delightfully frayed around the edges, we here still happily stand by our original assessment and clearly sounding like the missing link between a fallen on bad times and bruising from the experience Stones and Velvets.  https://bordellos.bandcamp.com/album/political-drill     

Head dissolving stuff, ye see young folk this is what happens when you start mixing and messing with your medicines, everything goes hazy and woozy, one minute all’s fine and cool the next you are falling down a rabbit hole and everything goes vibrantly vivid and kaleidoscopic as though someone has just flicked a switch turning everything from monochrome to colours of the spectrum you never knew existed, shapes appears, objects talk and suddenly you’re flipping and tripping leaving your physical shell and cruising fast along mystical astral terrains, damn these smokes are strong. Happen it be the fault of Zone Six captured here in all their lysergic glory on a recent visitation to Earth taking your mind on a 26 minute sonic space-walk, heavy and far out grooviness from the masters of freak sound, a warning though – repeat listens may result in lasting side effects involving the appearance of beards and a non to unappealing zonked out demeanour.  

Arriving soon, new groove from Deux Furieuses entitled ‘silenced by the roar’ – so blistering you can feel the burn on your ear…mentioned in passing here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/05/14/deux-furieuses-5/  

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/219222325″>SILENCED BY THE ROAR teaser</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/deuxfurieuses”>deux furieuses</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I swear our once over played old school cassette copy of ‘methods of dance’ is wearing a little thin around the parts where sit, Snakefinger’s strangely fruity cover of Kraftwerk’s ‘the model’ and DAF’s seminal ‘Der Mussolini’. The latter mentioned are shortly to have their lasting legacy celebrated with the issue of a box set entitled ‘Das Ist DAF’ – a release gathering together a quartet of the collectives most famous early 80’s albums. Among the track listing you’ll find an updated rewire of the aforementioned legendary ‘Der Mussolini’ with Georgio Moroder and Denis Naidanow at the mixing desk. Okay it might lack the sweaty and throbbing adrenalin dosed thrust and oompah of the original, yet what this pair bring to the plate is the busy soldering of a floor romping retro futurist flashing to the template and into the bargain pumping up the club floor quotient by some devilishly subtle fusing of ‘I feel love’ motifs to hotten up the lust factor.

Delightfully skewed, wonky and ridiculously infectious, this is ‘two motorbikes’ by the impishly weirded out talent known as ShitKid, this ‘un pulled from an incoming debuting full length entitled ‘fish’ heading out and at ya in all directions via the stupidly perfect PNKSLM imprint and striking up as a precociously spiky and playful anti everything sore thumb jarring caustic cutie all festered in degraded glam fuzz motifs shadow fallen and stricken in an oddly obtusely tripping fright wig dayglo warping. Absolutely barking and adorably off its box. https://soundcloud.com/pnkslm/shitkid-two-motorbikes  

Same label from ShitKid to Shit Girlfriend, and there was you thinking we just threw these things together, planning – dedication – attention to detail i’ll have you know, okay you’re right happily accidental it be then, anyhow i’ve probably an email sneaking around in the in box about this, it’s called ‘i don’t wanna die’ and frankly this’ll burn your stylus out through repeated plays, clearly devotees of all things Runaways and Suzi Q, this kick ass slab of punch out cold feral badness fizzes, crackles and scowls with panic attacking urgency all the time wired to a killer primitively purring and pulsing glam trashed punk pout.  https://soundcloud.com/pnkslm/shit-girlfriend-i-dont-wanna-die  

…and yet more PNKSLM coolness, this time in the shape of a limited single heading out June end by Les Big Byrd entitled ‘two man gang’ – what first sounds like a youthful Warm Digits re-translating forgotten kosmiche distress calls by la dusseldorf soon repositions itself upon a fizzing space pop axis that purrs away on cruise controlled settings – think Sterling Roswell – to slowly shift through the gears all the time splintering and fracturing to jettison on warp factor trajectories ablaze in kosmick psych kaleidoscopia. Flip side features a Guided by Voices cover while a strictly limited number come pressed up on gold wax. https://soundcloud.com/pnkslm/les-big-byrd-two-man-gang  

both an immense undertaking and an immense release coming courtesy of the Champion Version imprint. The label specialising in the pressing of lathe cut 7’s to order through an oft restricted window of availability – usually seven days, has in recent months seem ultra-limited outings from Yellow6, MachineFabriek and Steve Roden gracing their enviable roster. Latest to this formidable sonic family is a 6x7inch collection from Paw Grabowski found here operating under his more familiar ojeRum alter ego. Under the collective title ‘Træerne & Intetheden’ this deeply moving often quietly reflective set pieces together to reveal a twelve-track suite. We will over the ensuing days stop by to mention each of the releases individually starting out obviously, with the first brace of movements – ‘part I’ and ‘part II’. The watchword here is solitude, sweet solitude in fact, perfect listening after the day’s labours where free from distraction and interruption, just you, the headphones and the sounds, the sounds of course bitter sweetly opining away offering a brief moment of blissful remoteness away from the clatter, chatter and drudgery of a cruelly demanding world, instead to a simpler place, more certain, unchanging and untouched. Betwixt a stilled elegance and an introspective atmospheric, a graceful ebb and flow lulls, both movements touched by softly snaking tones that emerge like misty apparitions, perhaps mournful ghost lights in a hazy twilight silently rising from slumber issuing forth from out of their isolation post demurring distress calls into the ether, all very tender, timid and torn in a tear stained oblique beauty.  http://store.championversion.com/album/tr-erne-intetheden-i-ii  

one suspects a good time to don your psychedelic shades and strap yourselves in whilst bracing yourselves for a reality fracturing head trip in the company of cosmic beatniks Muertos, for spotted through a sonic long lens and bearing down fast on collision with Earth trajectory hurtles ‘spin’, which with its hazy vapour dissipating tail and fuzzily haloed mass, shimmers and howls resplendently wired upon a blizzard of oblivion veering white out frazzling rapture. Alternatively, happen it might be the most frenzied and frenetic dragster driven dream dazed dandy in pop world right this moment. Heading out of roadkill if you are taking notes, which case you ought to be doing.   


More crookedly dizzy pop prettiness from the Elefant imprint, i’m certain we’ve a Laetitia Sadier sortie buried in our in box somewhere which we’ll be frantically rooting out shortly. For now, here’s some briefly buzz crushed sunny side up and sugar rushed perkiness from Axolotes Mexicanos in the shape of the precociously happy sounding ‘Trececatorce’ – in truth if we didn’t know any better we’d have gathered it had been wired up to a bank of excitable arcade game machines by those folk Helen Love assisted by the guiding hand of the much missed girlinky and digitally morphed into a rapid firing radiant love note.

Quite smitten by this, the latest offering from Alvvays, a track from a September pencilled set entitled ‘Antisocialites’ – this being the bitter sweet caress of ‘in undertow’ – admittedly there’s no envelope pushing afoot here just a forlorn crestfallen ache all pristinely kissed and pressed by the arresting seductive smother of bliss drifting sheens of dream popped radiance, in truth sounds like the Sundays assumed in the role as a sonic support worker. In short hopelessly adorable.


Readying itself for release on Fruits de Mer sometime Autumn, the Chemistry Set return with a trip-a-delic cover of Moody Blues’ ‘legend of a mind’. A mind arranging mosaic of quintessential English psych pop eccentricity found here spiralling down a lysergic rabbit hole on a technicolour carpet visiting magic lands populated by a dissolving richly vibrant kaleidoscopic palette of marching brass bands, mystical arabesques, flute florals and fuzz kissed garage beat shimmies. Essential turntable happening but let’s face it, you didn’t need me telling you that. 

Here’s the Moody’s original……in case you were comparing notes….

Now i’ll be totally truthful in saying that this caught us clearly on the spin and near knocked us off our listening pedestal. A new thing from Zola Jesus ripped from a future happening via Sacred Bones entitled ‘Okovi’, this is ‘exhumed’. Emerging from a dark place, suppressed as though an emotionally stark and stricken primal cry found fracturing, fighting and frightened by a world unrecognised, amid the harrowing cast of apocalyptic shadows a turbulent drama unfolds pressed upon fidgeting brutal beats and a scratched neo classical framing whose abrupt schizoid urgency squirms between moments of crushed crestfallen resignation and beautifully brooding euphoria.



16/9  HUDSON, NY Basilica Soundscape

21/9 SAN DIEGO, CA Casbah

22/9 PHOENIX, AZ Valley Bar

23/9 SANTA FE, NM Meow Wolf

25/9 DALLAS, TX Kessler Theater

26/9 AUSTIN, TX North Door

27/9 NEW ORLEANS, LA Siberia

28/9 ATLANTA, GA Aisle 5

29/9 ASHEVILLE, NC The Mothlight

30/9 WASHINGTON, DC U Street

01/10 BOSTON, MA ICA Boston


04/10 BROOKLYN, NY Rough Trade

06/10 TORONTO, ON Longboat Hall

07/10 DETROIT, MI Assemble Sound Church

08/10 CHICAGO, IL Thalia Hall

09/10 MADISON, WI Majestic Theatre

10/10 ST. PAUL, MN Amsterdam Bar & Hall

14/10 – SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Amsterdam Bar & Hall

11/10 OMAHA, NE Waiting Room

16/10 OAKLAND, CA Starline Social Club

17/10 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Independent

19/10 SEATTLE, WA Crocodile

20/10 PORTLAND, OR The Old Church

21/10 VANCOUVER, BC Venue

07/11 LONDON, UK Village Underground

Forgotten nuggets……Kurt Cobain and William S Burroughs….

Something of a lost moment originally given a limited issue way back in 1993 on the Tim / Kerr imprint, this is Kurt Cobain with William S Burroughs, features some killer Thurston / Russell esque squalling freeform riffage a la ‘silent night’…..


….which leads us to – by sheer accident……to….

out now via the quite immaculate lovely imprint, Priest shadow walk terrains that seductively seesaw between the ghost lit futuro viewed fractured visions hinted in the mysterious tomorrow gaze of lost John Carpenter scores whilst simultaneously tuning into the kind of 80’s VHS retro futurism much beloved of the ‘Stranger Things’ community albeit here on their latest sortie ‘the cross’ stirred tantalisingly in a desire laden dark chic.


Lovely the way this softly blisters all lazy eyed and casual as though for a second momentarily paused and idly watching the clouds blissfully sailing by. From a forthcoming set entitled ‘second sun’ through holyoak music this is er – holy oak with ‘dead time’ – all bitter sweetly reflective, guess you’d call it a slow burner, features some nifty Neil Young-esque licks though reference wise something that’s sure to pick the ears of those much adoring of both June Panic and a youthful Tex La Homa. https://soundcloud.com/holyoakmusic/dead-time-1  

We here have something of an adoring soft spot for low lit shy eyed dream pop bruisers such as this little cutie by Wind Mile entitled ‘Cathedral’ – their debut outing as it happens, sitting somewhere on a sonic axis between the Sundays and Frente this honey arrives longingly marooned upon a rainy afternoon framing all daintily sighed in the affectionate caress of a jangly shimmer toning needle like riffage atop a most distractively dreamily demurring vocal. https://soundcloud.com/wind-mile/cathedral  

Oh yes, this ‘un has been doing bad things on the sound player since veering into our ear space, ripped from their ‘trippin with Dr Faustus’ full length,  out shortly young folk via rockosmos, this is the frankly humungous head-shrooming happening that is ‘kosmos’ by Amplifier, a sub 7 minute hallucinogenic odyssey, at once a hulking beardy kaleidoscopic dream coat trained finitely in a vintage classicism that blurs the lines between late 60’s era Pretty Things, Supersister and Traffic and welds upon its cosmic psych chassis a killer angular grunge swing that nods to classic era Soundgarden albeit as though refracted through the sonic lens of the much missed and cruelly underrated Epicycle, in short a tripping technicolour titan.

Interlude – (ghost) box of delights and other occurrences…….Broadcast, Vic Mars, Jon Brooks, the Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly, Moon Wiring Club, Pye Corner Audio, Sharron Kraus…..    


Vic Mars…..

Jon Brooks…..

The Advisory Circle….

Belbury Poly…..

Moon Wiring Club…..

Pye Corner Audio…..

Sharron Kraus…..


Interlude……chill wave / electronic I…… XYLITOL, dark day, notchnoi prospect, led e rest, silent signals, kim ki o….


dark day…..

Notchnoi Prospect……

led er est…..

silent signals….

Kim Ki O……

We suggest you watch the video first before committing yourself to falling head over heels with the track, obviously a most peculiarly precocious talent, AXL OTL better known to kith n’ kin as Cédric Douhaire has it seems, in his spare time assembled a whole home-made modular synth housed in a cardboard replica keyboard / frame, I mean we’ve seen and eyed with envy those electro dough and electro card kits on bleep but this is ridiculous. That said, just while you are picking your chin up off the floor in awe, what makes matters all the more intriguing are the sounds he manages to extract and manipulate from out of it. Featured on an imminent limited 12-inch EP via GiveUsYourGOLD this is the simply irresistible title track ‘Pavero’ – a wonderfully demurred vintage visitation of softly seductive star hugging nocturnal chic, an orbital carousel graced and tweaked in a sepia framing that longingly murmurs affectionate whispers of Radiophonic recitals all playfully dropped and despatched as were like shyly eyed lunar love notes between a smitten Plone and a delicately gushing ISAN. Fear not, this won’t be the last time you’ll hear of this exceptional release, the rest of the collection is up for adoring spells in the next few days. https://soundcloud.com/giveusyourgold/axl-otl-pavero  


Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


End grooves…..

Teetering upon a leadership crisis, a political party in total disarray, the knives are drawn and sharp, a leader with no authority hanging by their fingertips preparing to enter into a dangerous coalition of chaos and the real prospect of another general election that they have little chance of leading, calling or indeed in participating in. Thursday nights election results threw up more questions than answers, more confusion than certainty dragging the country to the brink of a very weak and unstable period. No – we are not referring to the Labour party, instead the Conservatives whose line in unionism and national inclusion appears in tatters, having ignored the Welsh and the Scots in preference to speaking to the Irish and in to the bargain potentially putting pressure upon the peace accord. If a song resonates to the despair, the call to arms and disquiet surging through this fine nation, then we’d like to hear of a better one than the Clash’s ‘London Calling’…..

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