be the bear

what kind of strange enchantment be this, the story goes the track initially featured backdropping a Volvo advert, so smitten where the viewing public that they petitioned for it to be released as a single. Oft drawing comparisons to Bjork, ‘erupt’ is the debuting release of be the bear who better known to kith n’ kin as emerging Swedish talent Christina Wehage has crafted an amorphous and ethereal musical  snowglobe that at once bewitches, beguiles and seduces in equalling measure. Within its sub four minute  visitation a magical spellcraft unfurls, arced by a lushly toned genuflecting symphonia, this beautified fantasia arrests, pierced between cooing woodcrafted folk mosaics and a  sense of ghost lit mystique  Ms Wehage soars with a sweetly euphoric grace atop a sepia crushed glacial wonderland, in short quite touchingly sublime.

the advert that sparked it all…….

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