Mentioned these folk way back at the tail end of last year –  somewhere here in fact whereupon we did question this strange notion put forward by their press folk that were dark ambient. Anyhow a new EP has emerged from MAHR that indeed features the track in question that we found ourselves so beguiled by – ‘the watcher’ be its name in case you were taking notes. The EP is titled ‘the wretched’ which title alone might conjure up all manner of dark deeds and the hint of ne’er do wellin afoot, yet wrong you’d be for thinking such because opener ‘the ceremonial dance’ is pressed upon a seductively ethereal ghost lit motif swathed in celestial whispers all aglow in a mesmeric radiance, really is quite enchanting in a curiously coded Dead Can Dance meet Preterite way, alas our freebie listening credits are at an end so you might have to wait till the end of the week for a fuller review.

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