Shhh….not for us to say, but we suspect that this might just have you doing wig flipping turns as your head dissolves to the morphing motoric myriads that this slab of bad boogie exacts upon your tormented turntable. Not quite sure how many of these are set to be doing the rounds, its listed on the Static Caravan catalogue as a ‘promo CD’ which hints that these might find themselves sneaked into packages containing forthcoming orders – who knows, there’s certainly no press release or cheerleading fanfare afoot here, but then why would you want to sully something so near perfect with mere hopeless words. Anyhow before we get accused of rambling this be the debut outing for Birmingham based cosmic combo Matters who describe themselves as an ‘experimental electronica three piece’. Aye that’s all well and good, what they don’t tell you though is that ‘black mere’ – the title of this debuting 10 minute colossus – ventures deep into the eye of a black sun though not before softly unfurling to culture within its vast shape shifting palette a sonic infusion blending elements of old school kosmische, prog, post rock and psych into its template, it all makes for a beautifully brooding and mammoth headtrip wherein all the spectral players are seemingly drawn to some magnetic core to gather, galvanize and reforge anew all the time growing immeasurably in depth, density and mass, in truth fashioning a star jump from Tangerine Dream to Hawkwind in one swift manoeuvre albeit detouring to momentarily touch base with both Helicon and Eat Lights Become Lights all the way.

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